Something that a friend of mine brought up to me saying, “Hey, trying to get to certain goals but sometimes obstacles or people or things kind of varies off where we want to go to.” that happens all the time. That’s called life.

Life is like us being in a ship. If you want to get somewhere, there’s two things that you have to understand. Number 1, is you have to know your destination. That’s why I am a believer in short term goals, long term goals. Because I have to know where I am trying to direct the ship. So I am here… I am trying to get here. It’s not just like me being a big dreamer; you got to have at least some idea of where is it that you’re trying to go. You don’t have to know twenty years from now what you want things to be like, but you gotta at least know where you want to go on the next month. What are you trying to do differently in the next three months, in the next six months. Have you guys thought of that? Because you got to know where you are directing your ship.

Guess what happens when you got a ship. The ship is in water. And what happens with water? Sometimes we have choppy seas. Sometimes the season calms. But there’s a lot of times the seas are rough. And if you are controlling the ship and the seas gets rough, what happens to your boat? It starts to veer off. And that’s why I say you are the navigator of your boat.

Your job is to know two things: where am I going? And when the seas get rough; when the obstacles come in your way. That could be an issue with the relationship. That could be failing an exam. That could be failing an internship. That could be a health problem. I shared for the last two years in the social media every single one of my stories. All of my obstacles and trials. I have been so open of letting you guys know that my run, my ship has been veer off many times. But I am the navigator. My job is to course-correct. I am course-correcting all time. Got veered off – course-correct, get veered off – course-correct. Nobody else is navigating my ship but me.

What I want you to remember today is that you are the navigator of your ship. Obstacles are going to come up. That’s part of the seas. Choppy seas, sometimes you are going to have rough seas. If you ever had a death in your family; you have a death of a very close one, you are going to have rough seas sometimes. At the end of the day, you are the navigator.

I am not saying it’s right – but it is. We have to understand that things are always going to veer us off. It happens all the time. You are the navigator. You just have to understand, there’s a lot of power in that; there’s a lot of control. I can’t always control the seas but I can control my ship. That’s why you have to have goals, you have to know where you are going. Because if you don’t know where you are going, you start drifting off, you start handing with the wrong crowd, you don’t know where you are going anyway so you just like, “oh well…” You don’t want to do that.

If you know me, all I say to you are authentic. I share with you my lowest points, I share with you with my highs. We are not trying to be like a big ball thing. When I was younger (18, 19, 20, 21) and I had this goal of being a physical therapist. I wasn’t really a good high school student; I was just average like 3.0. Back in the day last 1995 when I graduated high school, PT was like seriously hard to get into. It didn’t cost much money than what it cost now but it was like fifteen hundred people have applied but only 15 can get in. It was like 3.8 or hit the road jack; I was a 3.8 kind of dude at that time. But I knew coming out from high school that I want to be a physical therapist. I was going to step my game up. I had not got a 4.0 since fourth grade so I got to focus. I hadn’t done it but I knew I got to get focus. So when I got in college and everybody going out every night, because I knew my goal – even if I did go out part time – I was able to course-correct. My first semester of school, where everybody else are getting to know people, I didn’t go out, I went just straight and grinding. I got my first 4.0 in ten years because I knew what I wanted. It’s important for you to sit down and ask what do you want so that you know where you are going to. But in the summer, I did go out. When it’s time to navigate the ship, I knew that I had to stay on course and I am not regretting that today because if I didn’t do that then who knows what would have happened. But now, today, I can do this. I can go into my office when I want. I can do things when I want, I can be on Periscope while everybody is working. It’s all about staying focus. If you feel people are always taking you off, you have to get around with different people.

I just like to promote moving and health. I don’t believe in working out to lose weight. I think that is a very dangerous way of losing weight. I believe in eating correctly to lose weight. I believe working out is should be for your mental state. I believe working out should be for toning up. I believe working out should be for getting around people that are like-minded. When I go to crossfit, those people are grinders – those people I like. I like to be around people that are going to take care of themselves. Working out gives me confidence and energy.

Being a Physical Therapist and working with people who haven’t worked out all their lives and now they are working out or doing therapy, I just believe that I need to keep them active. If you can just do walking around your neighborhood, doing a light jog, getting ready for your first 5k, doing one of my fitness programs that I set up just for my patients after they finish physical therapy. I believe exercise is so important for your well being. We are so unconditioned as people in the United States. I don’t believe you just had to do crossfit. Crossfit is hard. So if you haven’t done anything and you are like, “Oh, I am going crossfit.” – I don’t recommend that because that is just dangerous, you are going to hurt yourself.

You keep me motivated. I know now that I live a life that is beyond me at this point. God has blessed me, I need to bless others.