You have to lead with yourself. You have to be true to yourself. I did a video on Facebook about consulting. I am in a solutions business. I am not here to whine and complain. I fix problems, that’s what I do. Because I have dedicated my life in fixing problems, I made a lot of money and made a great career out of fixing problems. One of the things that I do is I consult. I consult now for fifteen companies. As of today, it might be eighteen companies.

I get these questions like, “how did you become a consultant? What are they looking for?” Are you a physical therapist? Okay good. Let’s talk about the real thing. Who are you? Do I even know who you are? Can I find you on Periscope, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Are you even there? I am not talking about you have an account for it, I am talking about are you active? Are you even active in the world or are you just hiding? Because if you are hiding, you got no chance to ever get captured by another company. That’s the first thing.

Number two, if you are there, are you being your authentic self? It’s very easy for me to come on YouTube, Periscope, Facebook Live in every single day and talk. Because I am talking me. This is me. There is no script. I don’t have to be anything but me, and when I am being me I don’t mess up because you can’t mess up being you. You have to understand those two principles. You just got to be yourself.

This is what it’s going to happen. It’s called the Law of Attraction. You are going to attract people that are like you. There are people on this right now that are listening to me; you guys have been with me so long you can finish half of my sentences because I am speaking to you. Every single time that I am looking at that camera lense, I know that I am speaking to you and you could finish half of the things I say because we think alike. We are alike. We got the same goals. I might be three years ahead of where you are going to be. So, you come to me because I know the path you are going on and I know what’s next and I am here to mentor you and guide you. We are the same people. Now, I also know people on here that are seeing me for the first time be like, “no. he is just too much for me. I can’t follow him. Not going to work.” And that’s perfect because I don’t want you to be a part of me. If you buy one of my courses, you are just going to be a pain in the ass.

One day at my clinic, all the lights went out. We have about forty five minutes with no lights. There was probably 11-12 patients in the clinic. Everybody is so chill. We had karaoke with patients when the lights were out. People are still doing their stuffs and we were just tripping because those are the type of people that I attract. I attract people that don’t take themselves seriously. I attract people that when things are not doing great, aka they are in rehab for a problem, they find a way to look at the brighter things. They find a way to laugh. That’s the type of people that I attract. If you want to be a tight ass, I don’t want to attract you. It’s not going to be the place to go. I am not attracting just black people or white people; I attract all people.

There is a type of person that you attract and that is when you are in your authentic self. Honestly, consulting companies, they scope me out because I am online; I am on social media. They can see my personality. They see that I really love what I do. They say, “hey, that’s the type of guy we want branding our product.” I know every single one of you on here wants something to offer but people got to know who you are. It’s not hard to come live on video if you are who you are. That’s not hard to do. Just be yourself. This is all a journal of my life. Don’t lead by being a DPT, lead at being yourself.

I never thought that six years ago I actually going to be in a situation that I might not be able to treat anymore because of the sickness that I had. If I am only know as a PT and that’s all my identity is, how would I made a living? Luckily for me I have led with being Greg. I knew that no matter what, if I couldn’t treat patients anymore, there would be enough people that are just like Greg and like what Greg stood for, that I could learn something new and still earn a living. Please understand that if there is nothing else that I can tell you, lead with yourself. You are the valuable thing. Not being a DPT, not being a part of a specific MLM, not being affiliated with a company, it’s you first. Everything else follows after that.

I am not promoting anything that I don’t believe in. I am not leading with any products. That’s not me, I am better than a product. I am me, you are buying me. If I start endorsing product that I don’t believe in then I am wack then my whole credibility will be crumbled. I can’t afford that. I can’t afford to do that. If I am not in my authentic self every single day, I can’t sleep good at night. You will get so much opportunities if you understand that principle. People can see.