I want to ask you today, “Are you an expert at anything?” I thought for a long time that I was not an expert. I’ve been a PT for 16 years now. Over the years, I gotten good at explaining stuffs to people. When i go in a room with a patient, I take my iPad in there and I show them, “hey, this is what’s going on with you. This is what happen to your knee; this is why your knee hurts; this is why your back is hurting.” and I use an iPad to explain their condition. And what happens is a lot of times I am just like, “yeah, most people know that, right?” and apparently, no. Today I am a consultant for fifteen companies because they perceive me as an expert in explaining orthopedic conditions. Orthopedic basically means like your bones and your muscles and stuffs like that. I think a lot of people struggle with this. I think a lot of people don’t think they are an expert on anything. They are like, “I got nothing to really offer.” Well, let me tell you this.

Over the last six months, besides me speaking and doing my stuffs in clinics, I’m actually creating courses to train physical therapists on how to become business owners. How to become marketable. How to become to do it the way I did it. And I am an expert at that. Here’s the thing that I want to tell you today. The course that I use is a system called Kajabi. I am in a private group in Facebook that basically helps you with explaining how to use this online platform to sell courses. Let me tell you something. The people that have Kajabi – there’s people out there that’s teaching how to put on a makeup – their experts in makeup. There’s people that are experts in how to setup your house – how to decorate your house. There’s people that are experts in so many different things that you would think are so trivial. There’s a little boy that is selling courses on how to do Minecraft. There are people that are selling courses on how to play Madden. There are people that are having courses on how to win in Mortal Kombat. And their making a killing. I want you to think this morning, “what are you an expert at?”

Let me explain what an expert is because in medical field, we tend to think that experts are people that have only major certifications; you have to have degrees – that’s not true. The people that make the most money believe they do something different than everybody else. I don’t know, like you might be an expert in a video game or you might be an expert in how to do certain things the way that you do it. And people will pay for that. The things that I offer from a business standpoint or marketing standpoint or physical therapist standpoint, that’s just the way Greg does it. Because I have success in that area, you can or purchase or pay to do it my way. And if you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to – don’t purchase it. I truly believe now that I have seen this. I’ve seen people that do so many different things – they call themselves experts in yoga, in fitness, in whatever. I truly believe with all my heart – every single person is an expert in something. There’s something that you do that you do at a certain way – that is just different the way that you do it. I don’t believe that most people has to believe that the thing that they do that they are an expert in. But I tell you right now, I believe every single one of you could do something today. That you do a little bit differently than anybody else and there are people out there that want it the way you do it.

One of the companies that I work for – it’s called Complete Anatomy, an anatomy app that’s what I used to explain conditions on. I’m going to put below in my profile, I’ll put a link for those of you that is in physical therapy or in the medical field – you can click on that link and you can get that app for 20% off, they gave me that yesterday for you guys. I believe that at least those of you wanted to medicine, this is probably one of the best way for you to explain conditions to patients. I’ve made a fortune out of doing that. And I believe many can do that as well. But I want you to think about this today; think about what you are an expert in. Just think about it for a second? Maybe it might take you five minutes to figure it out. Maybe it might take you five hours. But I’m telling you right now, every single one of you – you’re an expert in something. There’s something that you do a little bit differently than everybody else. And even though many people know how to do it, not everybody knows to do it how you do it. If you want it to, you can make a living out of doing that. Keep that in mind.

What do you love to do? “If money wasn’t an issue – I could do this throughout the day” Is there something out there that you could do that allows you to travel and get paid for? I know there are things whether it’s a travel agent; whether it’s working for a direct selling company that does travel like world ventures or something like that. Here’s the deal, passion sells. And people can tell when you’re not really interested the things that you are talking about. I highly recommend you guys to do the thing that you are passionate about. I don’t know if there’s any job that allows you to get paid and love Asian women, but I know there’s jobs out there that allow you to get paid to travel. And if that’s your passion you’ve got to do what you are passionate about. There’s too many people that are just existing and they’re just doing something for a paycheck and they just won’t progress because they really don’t like it. People buy you and they buy passion.

We got to work. You’re going to have to work. Whether you are a business owner like me and I put in a lot of work on the front end and I am reaping a lot of the benefits now. Or you are an employee and you’ve got to work everyday. It doesn’t matter. You still got to work.Work takes up a good portion in your life. Why are you going to do something that you hate for half of your life? Why are you going to do something that you are going to do five days a week that you hate just to get two days off on the weekends? It just doesn’t make sense. Do the thing that you love. There’s ways to get paid to do the things that you are passionate about. I guarantee you, you will stand out by doing that.