I basically become a business owner, and it wasn’t really planned that way. I just didn’t like the way that they did it in the traditional model. I hated seeing a patient and had to be dictated that I’m only gonna see them for five visits because of some stupid insurance company told me that. What I knew is I can do more. I’ve worked as a Physical Therapist for the professional tour for the WTA and ATP tour. I worked with two number one tennis players in the world. And I was their private therapist in the United States for four years. I’ve had a very interesting career. But I became a business owner at the age of 27. And I thought I was a business owner, but I wasn’t really a business owner. I was self-employed. And that’s what I want to talk about this morning. Because I’m going to be talking at a conference. Basically it’s called “Referral Ignition” and it’s the top business owners in physical therapy. Look, the dude that does the conference is the truth. So I am really honored that he asked me to speak at his conference this year. But let me tell you something about business.


This is a conversation that I had with my wife yesterday. Because I have been putting a lot of work for this. I was showing her the workflow – when somebody opts-in to watch the webinar. Like what happens next. She said, “wait, you don’t have to…” I said, “no babe, it’s already set up. So it’s interesting because I said, “the way business works is you’re gonna put a lot of work in on the front end but you don’t have to put much work on the back end.” Do you guys know what I’m saying? Do you feel me? You put a lot of work on the front end but you don’t have to put as much on the back end. Now that the course is complete, what I need to do now –  the work that I’m putting in now is to mentor you all on the course. It will be I will have a private Facebook group and Facebook has a LIVE feature so I’ll come on and to something like this. We’re going to do like this – me LIVE at my house or at my clinic. You guys have questions, I will give you answers. And we’ll go to the course together. That’s how it’s gonna work. The work is done. Most of the work is done. Now, you will always gonna work. Guys, that is the same way how it was done in my business. I grind hard. Hard, in the beginning. 7:00AM, first patient. 8:00PM is when I finished. Then, I would go to Solid Brook. I’ll go work with those tennis players that I was talking about. Sometimes at 8, 9, 10 o’clock at night. And I repeat that over and over again.


Today, I don’t do that. I had to put into work because you had to develop a reputation for yourself. I might only had four to five patients for the day. I might only have three patients for the day. But if one person could having come in 8 o’clock and the other person come at 1 o’clock and somebody else come in at 6 o’clock. Guess what, that’s when I work because I have to grind hard in the beginning. But when you learn and you build a reputation for yourself. Guess what, today between my two offices we’ll see about a hundred and ten people. And I ain’t there, I am talking to you all in Periscope. It’s different. It’s grind in the beginning, you will then reap the rewards. Or, you can be a regular employee and it doesn’t work like that. You work, you get a reward. You work, you get a reward. But you will never actually have something really for the future besides your 401K, your dental benefits, whatever. But that’s how business works. In the beginning, my business was not really a business. I was self employed, I was putting in work for my reputation. But I was not really putting in work for my business.


Over the last seven years, I’ve been really putting in work for not just my reputation but for my business. I’ve been learning processes, I’ve been writing down processes, I’ve been writing down “this is how it should go”, step A-B-C-D, step 1-2-3-4. Does this make sense to you guys? That’s how it works. And when you have business that means that you have steps. You got steps for everything. I got steps for how patients got into the office. I got marketing steps for how patients are being taken care of. I have steps for all of my different treatments. That’s called business. And many of the people that I’m going to talk to this conference, I mean I don’t really know them, I’m telling you most of them, they don’t have steps for business.


Let me tell you what happens. When you have steps for business, you can do a course like what I did. When you have steps for business, you can consult for companies like I do. When you have steps for business, people want to buy your business. You know why? Because you can put different people in the business and it will still work because the steps are already there. That’s how it works.So if you want to get paid, if you want to build something, here’s my recommendation to you guys right now. Whatever you do, I know this is not just physical therapists right here, write it down. If whatever you’re doing is working, write it down. Video it. Okay, step 1-step 2-step 3-step 4-step 5. Because if you can show a system for what you do, let me tell you right now, there’s people out there that have money. And people out there that have money, that what you just called investors, and all they want to do is to buy things – or invest in things in people that have very good systems. Are you feeling me? That’s the message for today. That’s what a true business owner is. Not self-employed, a business owner. Yes, you need to start self-employed to understand and build a reputation for yourself. When you go to business, it’s all about systems. There you go, business knowledge for you all this morning.


Hey! Listen, for those of you, look into my profile you’re going to see a couple of things. GregToddPT.com is my website. And you’ll also see another link, and that basically allows you to opt-in to my email list and see my webinar that I do on the “Six Ways to Make Six Figures as a Physical Therapist”. If you are not a physical therapist, you won’t really care for it, but anyways there you go.




I just love talking to people. And just knowing that social media, Periscope, whatever has the power that you can say something and you don’t know who you can get to. There’s something powerful about that.


So basically, how I had built my brand from my company is through my blog… I am a private guy but I don’t mind talking about my journey. I just like to be real and authentic. Business is not easy; life’s not easy. Being a good dad is not easy. Being a good husband is not easy. But there’s nothing I have ever gotten in life that was good and easy. There’s nothing good about easy. Life just damn hard. It’s important, when things get tough it’s not to know there are other people out there that understand and that you know they are grinding with you. If you know that, life is just getting better. It’s just so much better. To be able to ride it out with other people.


You approach your investors with your system and your passion.


Let’s just say the course is worth five million dollar. Remember, no investor cares about anything else but your system. But here’s the difference between you getting a million and five million:


the low-end

“I’m Greg Todd. Yeah, I have this course you know? Yeah it’s pretty good. Physical therapist kinda like it. Overall I think I put a lot of good stuff in there. Yeah, so you guys just take a look at it and let me know what you think.”


versus being passionate about something that you believe in.

“Hey guys, listen! I can tell you right now over my sixteen years of being a physical therapist and getting my company to a 7-figure business. Every step of the way has been put in this course. This course unleashes the power for every physical therapist to totally explode their career. This is not a course just for one individual person for success. This is a course to change the entire industry.”


You see the difference? That’s the difference. It’s passion.


When you got passion you don’t have to sell. Cause I hate selling. One who sells is the one don’t believe in their niche. It’s people that do not believe in their stuff. They are like, “damn I got to sell.” because you don’t believe in it. I believe in what I do. And that’s the reason why what I did with the course. I know that there’s a lot of people that follow me and they believe in me. So the way I set it up with the leads, is that when you click on the thing to opt-in to listening to parts of the course, it sets it up so that you can refer to others. Because when somebody believes in you, they’re gonna refer other people to you. You don’t build a business, you don’t build a reputation by yourself. People promotes you. When you ride or die with people with patients, with staff, when you ride or die with them you lock arms to people. There are people here on Periscope that I locked arms with them. I ride or die with them now. When you do that, those people will promote you as well. Because I know I got their back. That’s just the way it works. So, just keep that in mind.


No matter where you at now at life, just enjoy life. Just make things happen. No matter how hard things get, just be thankful for what you currently have. Be thankful for where you’re at right now. Be thankful that your trials are actually teaching something to you.