I recently had an amazing weekend with my staff. My team pulled off some amazing feats at my office over the last three months. We broke every single record that we had of patients seen in February for eleven years. And then we broke February’s record in March and had an amazing April as well. It’s just been absolutely mind boggling what we had been able to do. Over the twelve years that I have own my own practices, my influence of treating patients is the least that has ever been. This is not about me, it’s about them.

We were in a big group text because we are all trying to meet up at the Islands of Adventure. Half of my staffs has been there from before. They got there from eight o’clock in the morning because they had exclusive passes that they get into the Harry Potter area. We got there around 9:15. Finally, we all met up at around 9:30-9:45 at Harry Potter spot and we took a huge picture and throughout the day some other are on that side of the park and some other are over here. I am four kids and some of my staffs just wants to chill with me. It was just an amazing day. In the end of the day in our group text it was amazing that staffs were saying how much like, that was the most amazing thing that they have done. People in the group text kept on saying how much they love each other. We know what we have is extremely special. It’s a special bond, special community that we have. Just a gratitude that they have to me for having this vision and this dream of doing a things that we were able to execute and that they understand that I am here as a team member. I am here to help them. Tears are rolling out in my eyes. How amazing yesterday was to see that this actually come true. This whole thing just happened and the lives that had been impacted. It was all about family. It wasn’t that I gave them a park ticket and took care of them for the weekend; it was just about us actually being there and wanting to be there with each other. Not wanting it to end. One of my staff actually have to leave early, she left at two because her boyfriend came with her, coz he had to go to work and she was literally like crying. She didn’t want to leave us. We spent all time with each other and she didn’t want to leave. It’s just this crazy thing.


In PT school, did I learn that? No, I didn’t learned that stuff. I learned how to do molds. I learned how to do ranger motion. I learned insertions of muscles. What I have to do for the last couple of years is learning on how to become a better person. Learn how to be a leader. I have to learn how to be patient. I have to learn how not to snap with people every time they did something that I didn’t like. I had to learn those things. Because that doesn’t happen with me treating patients. You don’t see nearly a thousand patients in one month by you being a great physical therapist. You see a thousand patients in a month by you being a great leader. That’s how it works.


I wanted to do good at consulting because I want to impact others. But there is one selfish part of it. I wanted to do well in consulting so that even though my clinics are financially doing amazing, I want to be able to bring in all of my staff to continue to promote them and to continue to give them their dreams of having their own clinics. I have to learn how to become a great leader. They’re not going to teach you that in PT school. They’re not going to teach you how to be patient. They are not going to teach you how to be loving, how not to quit on people when things get rough. I have seen so many PTs that are so good at what they do but they have a personality of a door knob. They have no empathy; no sympathy. That’s okay, I am not going to say you will have an awful career but you will never be a good leader. I know some of the most amazing PTs that have zero leadership skills and they will never go any further from their career because of that. You are not going to get that, you are going to another education course. You are going to get that by being around people that have done it, by finding out what they did, by working on yourself. Go ahead, continue research an article you want. Go ahead, keep on doing it. But it will not get you closer on being a leader. I know there are so many PTs that are better than me clinically – they are – but they have no leadership skills. They had no empathy. They got no sympathy to others besides their patients. They don’t have any ability to relate to people. My people want to work so hard for my vision that is now become our vision and that’s the only way that you’re going to get there.


I have three people in my courses right now that are not even physical therapist. They are going into PT school but they are not PTs yet. I find it so amazing that they are willing to invest in all those things and they are not even PTs yet but PTs are having a hard time because they have placed their value in just what they can technically do. And then you see it, five years down they are frustrated because they don’t know why their career is stagnant.


In anything that you do, if you want to be a leader, you have to have vision, learn how to deal with people. If you are a total dick, sorry but it’s not going to work. If you are a-hole to people on live video, if you are just a jerk, you will always be a freaking loser. You got to change.


I was just talking to my wife about that. She was saying something that a trainer that I knew is saying negative stuffs to them. Some people calling Michelle Obama a monkey, it’s just being nasty. If you are just nasty, nobody’s ever going to take you. You just have to learn how to be better. Learn how to work on yourself. Work on being a better version of yourself.