Repetition. It is crazy to me being asked to consult for companies. Most of the companies that asked me to consult for them – you know what they want from me? They want me to use my gift of teaching and explaining their product. Usually it’s like, for instance, as a physical therapist – a few of you in the group have been a patient of mine. My strength is my ability to educate – that is my strength. I can give you your condition that you have and I can actually make you understand it for the first time in your life. I do that for disc problems, neck problems, hip problems, hamstring problems. I have this gift of explaining things to people so that they actually understand it. And that’s what companies mostly want me to consult and do for them.

Here’s the deal, this is why this is so important. This is so important because I’ve struggle with speech impediment; I’ve struggle with stuttering. I’ve struggle stuttering all of my life. I nearly did not become a physical therapist because of my stuttering problems. And how I have been able to overcome those stuttering problems – dealing with people every single day.

Is because of reps. It’s repetition. It’s doing something over and over again until you get to the point where you have what I call unconscious competence. Meaning that, you know how like, sometime you’re driving on the highway. And you’re like, “wait, how did I just get over here when I was just over there. How did i just do that?” that’s because you are so proficient at driving that sometimes you don’t even have to be totally conscious and aware of what you’re doing. And you’re so good at it and you can get to point A to point B and now you don’t remember how did that happen. That’s called: unconscious competence.

If you want to be good at something that you currently aren’t good at, you have to do so many reps. Many of you are in this group – you guys have been doing this program or you on to other program, you might be on a twenty two minute hardcore or whatever. But at some point when you first started, remember how hard it was to get started? Remember how difficult it was to do a burpee; or how difficult it was push out reps when you are doing chest press; or do bear crawls with someone you’re doing right now. How difficult it was? But how comes overtime it does get a little bit easier? It’s because of reps.

Whatever you want to do in life, you have to rep it out. You’re going to have to just constantly do it until your body just becomes proficient with it. Take it from me. “Stuttering Greg” is now known as an educator and a speaker. It’s crazy but you know what, it’s the truth. If you want to get good at something, do it consistently over and over again. Don’t stop until you get good at it. And then when you get good at it, do more. So you can get better and better. That’s the power of repetition.