The future for so many people depends on you. Every single one of you right now that are watching this. The future truly depend on you. I had no concept of that. I just thought that as I have been doing my thing – doing live trying to just grind to get through. Take care of myself. Take care of my wife and then we had one kid, then two, then three, then four. I am just going to take care what I have to take care since I brought these people into the world figuring out how to get some food and how to put some clothes on their back. What I really did not understand until the last couple years is how much people’s future is going to depend on the decisions that I make and that you make.

I went with my staff to Orlando, there were thirty of us. As we were driving back home, my wife and I were kind of just chatting then she asked me, “Who’s the employee that been with you the longest?” and I said, “Sheryl, she’s been with me for thirteen years and then the second one is Julie who is been with me for eight years.” So, this is an interesting story. I just want to quickly tell you. You know how I got Julie? Julie was finishing up her internship as an exercise phys major. Remember I was working on a tennis store? I was a physical therapist for a lot of WTA ATP players. Julie finished her internship, they had no job for her, she didn’t want to go back to Winsconsin so she came to my office and say, “hey. Do you need some help around here?” and I say, “uh, no. I am good.” so, I am doing my thing. She came to my office later and say, “hey. Do you need help around here?” and I am like, “no. I am straight. Have a nice life.” A week later, guess what happened? A patient that I was treating for her hip sent me a letter. She sent me a letter saying, “Greg, thank you so much for your help but I got to tell you something. I am not coming back to your clinic because I don’t feel your table was clean.” you know me, I am a perfectionist. I was running all over the place treating patients and I think I forgot to wipe down the table before I treated her and that lady brought me a letter. A day later, Julie came in. She said, “do you need any help?” I said, “yes, actually I do.” and so, that was the story on how Julie came on to my clinic. From Julie, my first ever tech, so many people were hired because I finally got help and I was able to serve more people. And Julie has made such an impact in our Tampa Bay community. That one decision I made has kept that person and it was meant to be. You know something that is crazy about it? Julie was planning to get back her masters but she was like, “I want to do what you do. How do you work with these players. I want to travel like you.” I said, “you need to become a PT.” she said, “I can’t do that” and I said, “sure you can.” she dropped out of her classes and started the journey to become a PT and now is the full time head PT at my clinic just graduated out of school. My first ever patient that I had at my clinic was that chic right there. My second ever patient at my clinic because she came to my clinic and I didn’t have a lot of patients. I just gave her everything I could think of. She has now been a physical therapist. The second patient I had has been a physical therapist now for six years. It totally changed her life. It totally changed the course of her life with her interaction with me. My third ever patient at the clinic has now been married for two and a half years to one of my other patient and they have their first child who is four months old.

You guys don’t understand. I didn’t understand this neither. I did not understand that the things that you do, people are waiting for you. They’re waiting for you. Their future depends on you. The decision you make are basically going to dictate what happens to other people’s lives. Whether they meet you or not. Whether you impact them or not. I just never truly got that. We tend to think that it just revolves around us and whether we do something or not, it’s really that big of a deal. Because it’s just about us. But once you truly understand that the future is going to depend other people’s lives –  the course of their life is going to be determined based on the decisions you make. Now, it gets real. There are dudes on this broadcast right now that their future of their life is being totally changed because I decided to press play and record on this. That’s why I don’t take this stuff lightly. I don’t know who’s going to be on here that their whole life is going to change because of the decisions I made. And because those cats are doing what they are doing now, all these people that they interact with, their lives are going to totally change course because of the decision that they made. It’s crazy, it gives me freaking goosebumps as I think about it. The future is not about you, it’s about everybody else.

This is just a daily journal of my life. I don’t need to sit down and do any content because it is just a daily journal. And I think people appreciate that more. That this wasn’t pre scripted. Whatever is going on in my head either what I dreamed about, something I thought about last night, or as I am taking my pre workout, like whatever is going in my head.

The influence that you have over people and the decisions that are made are ridiculous. You don’t even think about it. You don’t realize what your impact is. Yesterday, somebody put in the DPT group for the students. I guess some girl, her name is Becky Roberts, she put in the group that she needed motivation today. And she put in the group, “who’s the PT that motivates and inspires you? I need some today.” and apparently right after she did that, the first person mentioned me and I saw it. When I saw it, I just come back home, my heart was so full. It’s still goosebumps – the impact, everything that happened. We went and I was going to pick up some food at Outback and that girl needed some motivation. I don’t think she will realize what I am going to do and I said, “go ahead Friend Request me and I am about to drop motivation with you right now.” she friend requested me and I didn’t type it out, you know I didn’t type, I speak and held on my Messenger and spit fire at her. And that girl was so grateful and then more people kept on asking. My heart is so full. You don’t know that you can do one thing. Maybe that one little dose of inspiration – that took me thirty seconds to do. Maybe that one little thing is a difference of her getting through PT school and not getting through.


I don’t care if you are a PT or not, understand that whatever you do, you are going to influence people’s lives. Whether you like it or not. Whether you influence them for good or whether you influence them for bad – that’s totally up to you.

I think we need to be motivated. I need to be motivated. You can’t take a bath one time and expect to stay clean because you got to stink in about a day or two. You need constant cleaning; you need constant motivation. You guys have to understand that probably what you are going through right now – this is one thing I never understood. At the age of nineteen, twenty, twenty one, I was working as a receiver but a janitor, that is basically what it was – at TJ Max. I never understood that that was probably my hardest labor job. Those things is what set me up for the things ahead. Working as a physical therapist on weekends wasn’t hard when you working as a janitor cleaning shit. If you are going through a rough time, you got to understand that is character building time. That’s the time where it’s building you up for what’s going to happen ten years from now. You can’t see that right now, all you are thinking about is “I am going in a rough time, I need motivation.” you’re going through a rough time – that is actually setting you up for what you are gonna be doing ten years from now. Me, working at TJ Max and having to grind and deal with stupid people, having to deal with rude people at where I was working at, that’s what set me up to be able to handle. I still believe that to this day the jobs that I had from age sixteen to twenty are the hardest jobs I had. I might get paid ten, fifteen, twenty times than I am at today but without those jobs I am not who I am today. I can’t relate to people the way that I relate today because of the things that I went through at that age. If I didn’t work at TJ Max, I could not have been working at a club on South Beach at the age of twenty two which I was making a hundred dollars a night. Because I knew how to deal with certain people, I was able to do that. And because I was able to work at a club at the age of twenty two, when I got my first job, I knew how to deal with a lot of people. What I did at sixteen set me up for what I was going to do at twenty; what I did at twenty set me up for what I was going to do at twenty two; what I did at twenty two set me up for what I was going to do at twenty eight; what I did at twenty eight set me up for what I was going to do today. The things that you are doing now are setting you up.

We got to start some vision. Have vision. I understand that you are going with your grind. I get it, I appreciate it, and I respect it and I want you to push through it. But understand there is a reason why you are getting through it. You are going through it because it’s going to get you  ready for what you are going to do ten years from now. You can’t see that it, but I am telling you that’s how it is.

In 2004, I am at my clinic. I am treating this guy for a hip displacement. I knew he was part of the military but I didn’t know really more than that. I treat everybody the same, I don’t care if you are a professional athlete. I don’t care if you were a checker. I treat you the way I want to be treated. He was asking me, “how’s your weekend?” and I was like, “we actually went to this couple’s gathering at our church and my wife and I won the newly wed game.” the question that I won on is “If I didn’t marry my wife, who would I want to marry?” and my wife knew I said, “it is going to be Halley Berry.” and that’s how we clinched the win. And then he said, “oh I know Halley very well.” And the next night will be Emmy’s. He was the secretary of the Navy. I didn’t even know that. So, while they are at the Emmy’s he called up his boy and said, “have Halley hook us up.” Next day at my clinic, boom, federal express. My wife will get over it, she loves Will Smith.

There are a lot of people out there that are investors. If you have a great business plan, you have a great model and you can convince me that you’re going to make coin, grind and going to hustle, there are people out there that will give you the money to do it. But you better go with passion. If you want somebody to put up money before you, you have to bring him. Have your stuff together. I believe that we live in a day now where if you have your crap together, if you can show that you know what you are doing, if you can show that you can figure it out, you won’t come out with a penny in your pocket. When you get in a certain level – right now, I am just trying to let my money work for me. Just put it in places and make it work. So that I can go to Universities not having to worry that they can’t pay me twenty five hundred dollars to come and speak – I can just do it because I want to do it with my heart, I don’t want money to be an issue to be able to help people. That’s an investor, that’s what you are looking at. Keep that in mind, people will invest. You don’t have to come up with the money but you have to know your stuff. You have to treat it like a business, you have to understand how to treat money, how quickly am I going to break-even, how quickly am I going to be on the five thousand profit margin range, ten thousand dollar profit range, fifteen, twenty. How quickly are those things going to happen? Do we have a projection? I will show you how to do it. How will our marketing going to be? Where am I going to get the people from?


If you are an investor, more than likely you are already a business owner – or you are both. If you are coming to me and you are talking like garbage, even though I am partially an investor now – I am still majority a business owner, remember most investors know business. So you have to come acting like you know business.

Business owners like me, if you made it, chances are you are not a total a-hole. Chances are you are doing well because you have served a lot of people. So don’t be afraid of going up to people and ask them questions. Look at the people in your field where you are trying to go. Go to those businesses and ask. Just ask, drop an email, go on LinkedIn. People aren’t really that mean specially the people that have made it. They can’t get there being a total a-hole for the most part.