Success Stories

The entire staff is very professional, caring and most of all knowledgeable. With the help from Mike, Wendi and Homer they knew exactly what I needed to get back on the tennis courts due to a shoulder impingement. I am now shoulder pain free! I highly recommend Renewal Rehab. And Fitness
Barbara Davis
I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with my progress at Renewal Rehabilitation. After a successful total ankle replacement surgery I knew the rest was up to me. I feel Physical Therapy is key to getting back on tract after any injury or surgery. The staff at Renewal are professional, caring, and completely committed to their patients. I don't dread therapy like I have with other rehabilitation centers in the past because I see amazing results! I look forward to my sessions as I see improvement each visit and the staff eagerly provides encouragement. I greatly encourage anyone to seek Renewal for your Rehabilitation and fitness needs. You will not be disappointed!
Lynn Nathe
I am a fork truck driver so when I pulled my back it really hindered my ability to drive. The people at renewal were fantastic. This clinic was absolutely amazing. It didn't feel as if I was coming to pt. it felt like a family here. The therapists and techs were amazing. Dan horn and I really connected and he created a superb workout program for me. I would highly recommend everyone coming here. The staff is super friendly and truly care about getting you healthy and back to a functional you.
South Tampa Clinic
I was referred to the Wesley Chapel following surgery on the cartilage of my knee. We started promptly (2 days) after the surgery and continued for five weeks. The staff at the center was knowledgeable to a person attentive to my needs. After consultation with the staff, I moved on outside of the clinic and began to build up my knee strength on my bicycle. I have regularly checked in with the staff at the clinic and they have been great even on an informal basis. I appreciate all that they have done for me so that I can move forward on a safe and healful path
Brian Allred
Greg and crew are amazing! I felt at home when I came into the facility. They have perfected the balance between personal and professional. I wouldn't recommend any other physical therapist than Greg. He took a woman who was told I may need knee replacement surgery to full recovery with just physical therapy. Now, I am currently enrolled in dance classes. I have the confidence to achieve this life long dream because of the encouragement and expertise of Greg! I cannot articulate with the right words how amazing they are.
Tamara Tigue
Mike, so sorry this took me so long to do,so here it is.I had a broken kneecap,Ihad to have surgery,but with the help of mike and his wonderful staff, i was able to return to work in 3 months.Iam so thankful that they sent me there for my physical therapy.I would recommend them to any one who wants to have a wonderful experience,Ienjoy going there,They are the Best,thanks to mike and steve and amanda for pushing me if it wasnt for them,Iwould have given those wonderful young ladys that work in the office,Icant say enough about them,So sweet!!!!!
Nannette Gonzalez
South Tampa Clinic
I have found that the staff at Renewal Rehab. provide the right treatment at the right time. But, even more, all of the staff are personable, friendly and attentive. They have a sincere desire and focus on getting you back to wellness. I certainly would recommend this facility to those needing physical therapy.
Leslie Lewis
I was referred to 'renewal Rehabilitation" to resolve a pinched nerve between my left leg and hip. Any activity was very limited as a cane was needed for balance and pain. I'm 69, retired and my Golden Years were anything but. Over the past three months Julie Tellefsen and the entire Wesley Chapel staff have enabled me to go anywhere at anytime. I can even climb stairs! Julie. Carolyn, Wendi, Lebbet, Samantha, Nick and the entire staff worked to identify the problem area, devise a program for corrective action then implement that program to correct the aliment, rebuild my strength and teach me how to continue to improve every day. I am very appreciative and recommend "renewal Rehabilitation" to everyone!
Paul ANthonissen
I was involved in a motorcycle accident that required shoulder surgery and subsequently I lost mobility of my arm. My surgeon highly recommended Renewal Rehab for my therapy sessions to regain my mobility. From day one I had confidence that I was going to be well taken care of. The staff ensured I performed all my exercises to my fullest and not cheat myself. After only a few months of excellent care I will be returning to my job fully recovered. A feat I thought not possible.
Scott Bowman
I have been working with Chantel, Wendi and Nike for several months to improve my ability to walk with better balance. The exercises have varied so that the sessions are interesting and provides me the ability to continue my treatment at home. The care and attention to my progress shows a true interest in my well being. It is rewarding to work with such knowledgeable people. I look forward to more sessions.
Rollier Collier
My care at Renewal Rehab was effective, not painful 🙂 and most importantly I was given exercises to do at home. Now if I have a setback I can treat it myself. In addition to the guidance provided, I appreciated that my progress was recognized and I was not told to continue visits past the original prescription. Having a variety of therapists working with me was great. They were all positive and professional. I recommend Renewal Rehab wholeheartedly!
Linda Aiken
The staff a renewal Rehab are the greatest. Dr Mason Abboud , my ankle surgeon, highly rec amended Renewal Rehabfor my rehab from an ankle replacement. They are great there and have done a wonderful job helping me return to normal.
David Butts
This Renewal Rehab is a great place to get tuned up for life when one's body is physically in trouble. My first visit was a spy mission to find a good place to get issues addressed and I had a choice of three and they are absolutely the best of them all. Thanks
Ray Foley
Last October while cutting tree limbs my ladder broke and I fell approx. 25 feet straight down to the ground fracturing my heels---4 fractures in the left and 11 fractures in the right. After several surgeries Renewal Rehab was my next step in the healing process. It has been a lot of work but an enjoyable experience as I get back to "normal". I look forward to my visits and I am seeing a lot of progress in my balance and strength that I lost when I fell. If anyone needs a rehabilitation clinic Renewal Rehabilitation is the place to go. They are the best.
Howard Reeves
Mary Kate, Chris K. and Julie and god-sends. They make therapy fun while putting me thru the workout I need. I dont know if I could make it with out them. Make back and leg feels so much better since I've been coming to see them. I wouldnt want anyone else!
Mary Jane Siciliano
Wesley Chapel Clinic
I severely damaged my ACL and consulted Dr. Craythorne. Before surgery Dr. Craythorne suggested I speak to Mike Anastasas and his team about rehabilitating and strengthening the knee and leg before deciding on surgery. I did just that but after a few weeks it was clear the stability of the knee was not improving. After ACL replacement surgery I immediately began PT with Mike's team. I could feel myself getting stronger and stronger under their superb guidance and supervision. Without their help I could not get back on the mat as a Martial Artist. These folks are great and I highly recommend them if you need to strengthen your body or rehabilitate an injury!
Steven Butterfield
I was referred to the clinic by Julie Tellifsen who I have been training with at another facility. When I mangled my knee cartilage in an accident she not only referred me to an excellent surgeon, but she and the staff at the Wesley Chapel location started in on my rehabilition two days after surgery. I always felt that the staff was paying attention to my needs and progress and that they were comfortable with my decision to move on with my healing process outside of the clinic on my bicycle. I have checked in with Julie on a regular basis and she has been helpful and caring even on an outpatient basis. I would highly recommend the clinic for all of your rehabilitation needs.
Brian Allred
Unfortunately I have had to go through rehab for a variety of reasons for the past several years. Fortunately, I was recommended to a facility with "personalized" care, called Renewal Rehab. The quality of care, personal attention and the home-like-positive environment makes it a place that you look forward to coming to. So much so, I continue to come far beyond my formal treatment. I have and will continue to highly recommend Renewal Rehab to anyone looking to improve their physical fitness.
T. Leblanc
I have been going to the Wesley Chapel location for my PT for 3 weeks. Dr. Yearwood is very knowledgable, encouraging, motivating and professional. She begins your visit by asking you if you have any concerns about your progress, and goes over the treatment plan. The environment created by Dr. Yearwood and the staff is fun, friendly and encouraging. Even though the work to regain your strength is hard, the encouragement, positive atmosphere and the knowledge of the staff makes your time pass quickly and it is great to see the improvement! Shirley Picklo Powell Wesley Chapel Office.
Shirley Picklo Powell
I had a recent injury that led me to Renewal Rehabilitation. I would like to thank Mike, Sami, Carly and Sean for the excellent care I received. All of them worked as a team to get me back to work in a timely manner. I never felt that I was pushed beyond my limits. This is a knowledgable, considerate, and attentive staff.I would recommend this facility to anyone who encounters an injury. In closing, the office staff ALWAYS answered the phone. You were never led to a voicemail to wait for a return call which is very important to me. Many thanks for the professionalism you all share.
Teresa Horne
I can't say enough good things about Mike and Renewal Rehab. He's helped me and both my sons through various issues. He's extremely knowledgeable, an excellent listener, and I have learned a lot just being around him. All of my experiences have been outstanding, and I'd highly recommend RR to anyone.
Will Harrell
I couldn't run at all with my torn hamstring and now I feel like a million bucks! The crew was very knowledgeable and helpful and made sure my hamstring was completely healthy again.
Lee Dlouhy
South Tampa Office
Mike, Sean, Sami, and Carly are absolutely amazing and they really understand what it means to take care of their patients. I've seen other physical therapist in the past, but these folks are AWESOME and they truly go out of their way to make sure that your needs are met! They’re energetic, very engaging, and have a friendly personality that motivates you as your go through your therapy. I really recommend them to anyone who wants to have the best experience and the best possible care of a professional physical therapy staff. Lest I forget, their front desk staff is friendly also!
Fern Gruta
My son Trae had surgery on his on 31 Dec 14 by Dr. Craythorne who recommended Renewal Rehab but also said I could choose another one that was closer in Brandon. I praise God for sticking with his recommendation, I have been pleased 100% with the progress he made and has now completed his theraphy, Nick and Claudia are very professional and pushed Trae to his fullest so that he would have full use of his knee, I am confident that when he graduated in June and pursue his career in the USAF that his knee will not give him any problems. And last Christina was very nice also with scheduling and rescheduling appointments and getting additional referrals. The South Tampa Staff is the best I highly recommend them.
Stephanie S.
I first came to Renewal Rehab about 9 years ago for a soccer injury and was so impressed that I have been back 4 times, including my current rehab process from hip surgery. It was evident during my first visit that Mike Anastasas takes a unique approach to physical therapy. Unlike other places I have been in the past, Mike and his team are very knowledgeable, supportive, take time to listen and answer questions, and truly care about their patients. After coming to Renewal Rehab the past 9 years for numerous injuries, I have experienced a proven process that has enabled me to get back to full functionality every time. I would highly recommend Mike and team to anyone looking for a great physical therapist.
Toby Hall
I had surgery for a torn meniscus and went to Renewal Rehab instead of a place closer to my home. I am glad I did. Everyone there was very friendly. They gave me exercises to do at home to help with the healing process and continue to answer my questions and concerns. South Tampa Renewal Rehab you all ROCK!
Kimberley Thompson
I first met Greg Todd & his staff a few years ago for back pain, and they took excellent care of me. Recently, however, my need for PT came about after I experienced a running injury. I knew that I would get the best possible care at Renewal Rehab. Greg and Julie (and everyone else!) made me feel comfortable, fully explaining every thing I was doing, how to do it well and WHY it would benefit me. They're such a knowledgeable, supportive group and treated my successes as their own. I'll soon begin training for my first full marathon, and, after my family, Greg & his group will be the first that I will celebrate my accomplishment with. I cannot thank them enough for getting me back on track.
Missy Dietsch
Wesley Chapel Clinic
The Renewal Rehab staff is exemplary! There are many words to describe each and every person there - Knowledgeable, Well Credentialed, Patient, Compassionate, Work as a Team, Upbeat, Instructive, Efficient, Respectful of your time, Good listening skills, Generous, etc. I can go on and on. I felt genuinely cared about and cared for. I would gladly refer friends and family to Renewal Rehab without hesitation.
Jurel Caudle
I began therapy 8/17/11 at Renewal Rehab. Gregory Todd was and is to this day my therapist and reason I have gotten my life back. I have severe spinal stenosis, a deterioration of the lumbar joints caused by arthritis. The condition is severe, the proof being in the MRI. Greg has taught me to have confidence in myself while at the same time has helped me to walk again, go up and down stairs and most importantly to dance at my niece's wedding. This was all accomplished under the loving care of the therapy at Renewal Rehab. I can truly say this because before coming here, I attended another facility where I accomplished nothing-I might say I got worse. I will be forever grateful to all the folks at Renewal Rehab and I repeat "for giving me my life back." Thank you!
Carol Stuczynski
I fractured my femur almost a year ago. I came to Renewal Rehab very frightened and in pain. Because of the efforts of Mike, Claudia, Nick, and Dan, I am finished with the walker and back playing league tennis. I will continue taking therapy twice a week until they kick me out, because I see improvement every session and because I would miss the friendly and encouraging atmosphere. I could never have found a better place nor more wonderful people to help me with my recovery!
Carla Knight
South Tampa Clinic
The staff is very pleasant and VERY patient at Renewal Rehab. They are very knowledgeable of all my questions regarding my specific injuries and what I can tolerate. They constantly reaffirm whether I am doing things correctly or not , to ensure that I get the best out of my treatment. The staff is very accommodating to my schedule as I constantly have to make changes. I enjoyed the camaraderie amongst patients as well. Seeing others that can relate to your situation and witnessing their progression was really motivating. The energy is so uplifting that you look forward to coming to therapy knowing that you will be surrounded by great people. I would highly recommend Renewal Rehab for any one seeking physical therapy services. As a fitness (Therafit) client they took the time to listen to what my goals where, which were strength training for degenerative disc in my lower back as well as strengthening and toning to improve my overall health and weight loss. They made a personalized program , knowing my history. I had my own schedule and reserved the fitness room in the back with music, of which I had access to up to 5 times a week. My program was updated regularly as I progressed. Coming to Renewal is always an uplifting experience where you will develop relationships with people who encourage you and challenge you. They guided me in my health and fitness while giving me the tools to succeed on my own.
Michelle R
I must start off saying the the staff here is second to none. I had a very unusual injury to both my arms. In laymen terms I had both tennis elbow and golfers elbow in both arms. The staff of professionals here figured out how to take care if both problem with a series of excerises and treatment that took care of it. They did this with, may I say gentle loving care. I always looked forward at coming in for treatment because not only did they work on my injuries but did it with fun included. Yes I said fun very one made it extremely enjoyable to be a therapy. All the staff always had a smile on their face and clearly enjoyed what they did. I highly recommend Renewal Rehab and always tell everyone I talk to that they are the best.
Daniel Alfonso
Verizon Telecommunications
Over the last few years, the name “Chris Sequenzia” has come up with some of my running friends. They had mentioned that if ever there was someone that could rehabilitate you from an injury or do strengthening, this was the guy. Not until this year did I have to exercise this option. You see, as my 50th birthday quickly approached, I made the decision in March ’09 to run my first full marathon; I have been a runner for about 35 yrs and have fallen in love with sprint tri’s and half marathons but never had the vision (and craziness) to do a full. Without an injury for about 2 yrs…I knew it was time. Signed up for the ’09 Chicago Marathon (10/11/09) and WA-LA..out of the blue after a great mileage base…I got a mean and nasty IT Band injury…after being a stubborn nurse and attempting self-healing for 6 weeks…I entered the world of Renewal Rehab and Elite Sports Massage on August 12th…(June/July I could barely run 2-3 miles with this injury and prior I was breezing through 15 milers). When I met Chris Sequenzia, Greg Todd and Julie Tellefsen and not to mention Cheryl (secretary extraordinaire dealing with all types of insurance mess)….they were so excited to get me back up and running. Our team goal was for me to run the Chicago Marathon. With just 8 weeks til race day, we were crossing our fingers. These folks, I tell you, were just excited as me….I cannot even begin to tell you that the results were completely amazing. Doing PT initially 3d/wk and then adding a massage or 2 towards the end was the key (I warn you—don’t expect aromatherapy and soft music–Chris utilizes elbows, forearms and whatever technique to “fix” you) I sing their praises at this facility; not only do they have a great team approach they entertained me and made it “fun”. I was able to complete my marathon in 4:36 and completely enjoyed myself…..any post-race ailments I may experience will be squashed by Chris and company!!
Rhonda DelCampo
Tampa, FL
Thanks to the very knowledgeable, experienced and friendly staff, I am functioning very well after having a torn medial meniscus tendon in my right knee. The staff takes the time to listen to you, review your injury and then design a rehab program specifically for your situation. They continuously monitor your progress making adjustments along the way to achieve your goals. They are always there to help. I would highly recommend Renewal Rehab, which I have done, to anyone seeking pain relief and re-building muscles around the affected area to help prevent any future problems. They are simply the best!
Anthony Lazzara
Charles Rutenberg Realty
I have been diagnosed with Posterior Tibial Tendonitis. I have had moderate to severe pain in my ankle and foot for many months. I finally came to this facility under the advisement of my podiatrist. It's been about 4 weeks now and the pain is about 80% better. I actually walked a long distance this past weekend with little to no pain. RENEWAL REHAB. is a great facility, and I would highly recommend it. I love the staff. They are professional and very caring. The hours are also very convenient with my work schedule.
Diane H.
Mike and his staff did a great job in helping me regain range of motion in my shoulder. Thank you for "thawing" out my frozen shoulder!
Brett Mourer
My husband (74 yrs), my mother (95 yrs) and I (69 yrs) have been using Renewal for almost 2 years and have been helped greatly. Michael is patient, encouraging, and professional, and the other therapists (Sammie, Carly, and Nick) were and are the BEST. As with most "old-age" pains, the PT results are slow coming and require dedication by both patient and therapist--the Renewal staff makes the results achievable by their positive, professional attitudes and care.
Linda Brown
I recently was operated on at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington DC for a ruptured disc and stenosis of the spine. I was directed by my surgeon to seek additional medical treatment, in the form of Physical Therapy, to regain strength in my right leg and found one of your rehabilitation Clinic close to my house. I must tell you that your staff, led by Mr. Greg Todd, is one of the most qualified I have ever worked with in my forty years as a government official. With the war going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, I have seen the results of horrendous wounds which resulted in amputations, wounds, etc. and physical therapy required to bring these young men and women back to useful life. The Physical Therapy Division at Walter Reed is one of the best in the world and I must rate your clinic here in that same class. I know that my situation was not as serious as losing a limb but I had dropped foot and a serious loss of strength in my right leg. Mr. Todd and Mr. Chris Sequenzia have done wonders getting me back on my feet. In just two weeks, my right foot is moving and I am gaining strength in the right leg. Both of these young therapists excel at their profession. They are knowledgeable, courteous, and most of all professional in every aspect of rehabilitation. I watch them working with others and this is a superior staff of the type I had working for me on major projects at the Pentagon. Nothing is left to chance. Ms. Cheryl Lang, the receptionist, greets everyone as they enter and takes time explaining the billing process. This is a facility one enjoys doing business with every day. I would appreciate it if you could convey my thoughts to this fine group of young professionals. Very respectfully, Thomas O’Neill
Thomas O’Neill
Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Navy
I have had Sciatica since and Scoliosis since my early childhood. I have always been in back pain. Several doctors suggested to me physical therapy. I chose Renewal Rehabilitation because of its reputation, specifically the reputation of Michael Anastasas. His professional and personalized care has kept me out of a wheelchair. When I first began physical therapy with Michael and his team, he started me out slowly by teaching me how to exercise to strengthen my body and core muscles. I became stronger and stronger. I began to walk without dragging my right leg. I feel stronger than I have in a long time! I will always be grateful to Michael and his team for their professionalism and support in helping to improve my well being. With appreciation, Sidney Schuster
Sidney Schuster
RENEWAL REHABILITATION is the place to come if you need Physical Therapy of any type. Also, a good place to come for regular exercises and Body Strengthening. The Staff is a Kind, Caring, Courteous group of people. They always have your best interest at heart. In April of 2000, I fell and broke my left hip and left elbow. I received therapy in the Hospital and in the Nursing Home where I stayed for a month. Then, I had home therapy after coming home for a month. I still had a lot of pain and was limited in my movements. I talked with my Doctor about this and he sent me to Renewal Rehabilitation. It was the nicest thing he could do for me after the initial putting my leg back together. Also, I had a terrible fear of falling again although I had never fallen before. In the process of my treatments, I began to loose my fear of falling and that was due to the encouragement from the Physical Therapist teaching me how to walk with confidence again. So, I am still a fan of Renewal Rehabilitation as I come twice a week for exercises and body strengthening and to keep my agility. I do this because I don’t work in my yard a lot anymore and it’s just good for the body. Did I mention I am 76 years young and still enjoying a good life? Join us for renewing your body, mind, and spirit.
Stella S. Boire
Tampa, FL
I first met Greg Todd & his staff a few years ago for back pain, and they took excellent care of me. Recently, however, my need for PT came about after I experienced a running injury. I knew that I would get the best possible care at Renewal Rehab. Greg and Julie (and everyone else!) made me feel comfortable, fully explaining every thing I was doing, how to do it well and WHY it would benefit me. They're such a knowledgeable, supportive group and treated my successes as their own. I'll soon begin training for my first full marathon, and, after my family, Greg & his group will be the first that I will celebrate my accomplishment with. I cannot thank them enough for getting me back on track.
Maria Dayton
South Tampa Clinic
Wow!!! What a difference Renewal Rehabilitation and Fitness has made in my life. I have been a jogger for a number of years. I also worked out in the gym on my own a couple of times a week. As the years marched on, I was encountering a number of injuries. When I started attending Renewal Rehab & Fitness on a regular basis, I learned the proper way to train and strengthen all parts of the body. I know this organization has greatly enhanced my overall fitness and added to my quality of life. The icing on the cake is that they actually make it fun!
Pat D.
Tampa, FL
I recently had my third knee surgery, at 48 years old, and I am extremely grateful I had Renewal Rehab as my rehab team. I wish I had known them when I had my previous surgeries when I was 17 and 19 years old. The amount of time they spent with not just me, but every patient, makes you feel cared about. Every person there, whether it was Mike, Carly, Joses, or Sean knew my condition, what my goals were, and encouraged me every step of the way. I would highly recommend Renewal Rehab to anyone looking to find a team to help you with whatever challenges you have to help you reach those goals. Thank you all for everything!
Angie Kaczor
I came to Renewal Rehab with a shoulder injury in May. Mike, along with Sam, Carly and Sean helped me tremendously. With their expertise and professionalism I was not out of work for as long as I thought. All of them guided me through exercises and stretches and gave me an at home routine. They are wonderful to work with and made an unpleasant situation bearable. I would recommend Renewal Rehab to anyone with an injury. They will definitely get you back to feeling great again.
This is my second testimonial (apparently my first one got lost in the ether). I'm happy to compliment Mike and his caring staff in South Tampa again. Last year, I dislocated and shattered my left elbow on a family visit out-of-state. After surgery in NJ, I returned to Tampa in a partial cast;later, I had to wear a very uncomfortable brace. Once that was removed, Dr. Art Pettygrove referred me to Renewal Rehab, and the healing process (although painful and hard work) was so successful that I have been coming back for twice-weekly exercise sessions. A big thanks to all of the South Tampa personnel past and present.
Sally Thompson
I had PT following Arthroscopic Knee Surgery and was lucky enough to go to Renewal Rehab in South Tampa. From the Ladies at the front desk to the PT and PTA’s a better group of people you couldn’t find anywhere else. They were professional, yet made going there a pleasure. I looked forward to my PT. They are uplifting, encouraging and really supportive. My knee got better every week and it’s feeling really good now. I would encourage anyone looking for Physical Therapy go to Renewal Rehab.
Connie Marie Fernandez
I was first introduced to Renewal Rehab after knee surgery. Then my husband went for an injury and stayed for their gym program. His results have been amazing. Now that I'm retired it's time to get back in shape. The staff is wonderful, they help you every step of the way. The program changes monthly so you are never bored. The environment is friendly and welcoming. You feel like family. Aside from retiring joining the Renewal team is the best thing I have done for my mental and physical health.
Linda Lopez
This is the most organized, most attentive group, most effective group of therapists and assistants I have ever had the pleasure to treat me. They are all professionals who know their jobs and spare no effort make sure the patient receives the treatment either he or she needs. I would not hesitate to recommend family or friend to this group of professionals knowing they would be totally satisfied with the care they would receive.
Gary Drackett
Started rehabilitation on 03/06/2007 at the Wesley Chapel facility. Had what might be best described as an intermittent pinched nerve in the left hip area that would cause me such pain as to collapse. Went everywhere with a cane for fear of falling. 3 months later, I have not fallen in over a month. I don’t even think about taking a cane with me when I go walking. From day one Julie, Wendi, Lebbet, Caroline, Craig, Nick and the rest of the staff made me feel welcome with warm smiles, positive attitudes and continual encouragement. The rehabilitation staff constantly challenges you in such a way that you want to do better and the results are suddenly self-evident. The office staff resolves issues with insurance requirements, referring and reviewing medical staff and scheduling issues with absolute ease. Cannot thank everyone enough for giving me back the simple act of walking without the fear of falling. I highly recommend RENEWAL REHABILITATION for any physical therapy needs to everyone.
Paul Anthonisssen
Everyone at Renewal Rehab, from the very start, treats you like family instead of just as a client. But in addition to their compassion, they do great work! They helped my daughter after ACL surgery and me with a torn adductor muscle so painful that I could hardly walk. Chantel has even continued to follow up with me via text and advice - love her! I cannot say enough about this facility - they are truly THE BEST!! Don't even consider going anywhere else. Thanks to Mike and his crew for everything! (I'm coming back for tendonitis next)
How do you thank someone who has taken you from constant muscle pain and fatigue to, at 56, having more energy than my three sons in their 20’s? I first met Mike at Renewal Rehab while having treatment for Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain). Mike quickly eliminated that pain which I had suffered for 5 years. He then offered to work with me in strengthening my core and building flexibility. Thirty years of traveling on airplanes had left me overweight, stiff and constantly pulling this or that back muscle. The result? I have lost 40 lbs, reduced my body fat from 27.5% to 18%; my Body Mass Index went from 32 to 25; my waist is 7 inches slimmer; my blood pressure 105/65! And, did I mention that I have more energy than my three sons in their 20’s?!! I now enjoy racquetball, water skiing, golf and traveling PAIN FREE! Mike has given me exercises that I do when I travel. I look forward to every workout at Renewal Rehab, and enjoy the professionalism, sincere concern for my health and fellowship of Mike and his staff! Thanks for giving me my life back! May God continue to bless you! I cannot recommend Renewal Rehab highly enough!
Steve Van Ooteghem
Tampa, FL
I must say that Renewal Rehab has done such a wonderful job on me and all my family. I have gone to them several times for various issues that I have had due to automobile accidents and other injuries that have occurred to me. They always take great care to make sure you are well taken care of. The staff has also helped out my son as well as my husband when they have needed help in recovering from injuries. I must say that everyone here enjoys their work and makes you feel always welcome and treat you like family. If I could give them more than five stars I would.
Diana Alfonso
I can't say enough about the great staff at Renewal. Their professional, courteous, and fun attitudes help to make my visits productive and effective. I've made great progress after ankle replacement surgery and would not have been able to walk and enjoy activities again without their help and encouragement. Their entire staff is knowledgeable and always quick to offer encouragement. I fully recommend Renewal for all your rehabilitation and fitness needs.
Lynn Nathe
During my career as a professional Firefighter I received work related injuries that required surgeries to my shoulder and both knees over the past 10 years. On each visit, Mike and all the staff at Renewal Rehabilitation were professional, friendly and very proficient. With each injury their guidance quickly returned me to full duty in the profession I love. I have recently retired and am now even more thankful to Mike and the staff for giving me the continued ability to enjoy kayaking, boating, biking, hiking...etc. My sincere thanks.
Tom F.
Tampa Fire Rescue

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