Hi everyone! Welcome to the first official blog entry for “Out On A Limb!” A big “thank you” to my creative hubby for coming up with the name. Why “Out On A Limb?” The quick answer is that I’ve been a physical therapist for the past 15 years.

The more complicated answer is that, in that time, I’ve had to deal with quite a few curveballs and surprises that life has thrown my way (haven’t we all??). Some of them, I was somewhat prepared for—while others came out of left field and had me “winging it” in a major way.

So I guess you could say that title fits this blog to a tee (sic). Just recently, I received an offer I couldn’t refuse.

A long time friend and colleague invited me to open my own practice within one of his wildly successful clinics. As if this alone wasn’t pure awesome sauce (can you tell I have little kids?), I would also get to work exclusively with people who have lost one or more limbs—amputees.

A person who has lost a limb is presented with the precious ability to regain function through the use of a prosthesis. However, a lot more goes into it that simply putting it on.

Learning to function properly with an artificial limb comes with steep challenges and that’s where I come in—I help them learn about their new leg, teach them how to walk (and run!), and get them back to living their lives.

How did I get here?

If someone would have told me even just a year ago that I would be opening my own practice I would have laughed…..hard.

And here’s why…. As some of you know, I was diagnosed with breast cancer towards the end of 2015. Needless to say, 2016 was NOT a good year (more about that later).

After 3 surgeries, months of chemo, and a good amount of time recuperating, my life got a reboot. Running wasn’t just a way to keep fitting into my favorite jeans, it was a way to celebrate being on two feet again.

Cooking would no longer be a daily chore, it would mean enjoying the taste of food after months of gatorade and plain pasta. And being a physical therapist wasn’t just a great profession that I had worked hard to earn—-it became a vocation.

Being a patient gave me a newfound perspective and an even deeper respect for what my patients endure.

If all goes well, with a lot of work and even more praying I will open up shop in January 2018. In the meantime, pay me a visit on this blog and hear about my stories on what I’ve learned about being a PT, an athlete, a home chef, a wife and mom of four—–a survivor out on a limb…..stay tuned!