I want to talk about my number one asset as a Physical Therapist and business owner. I think it is my ability to make decisions. How hard is it if you are always doubting yourself?

I always doubted myself. I was overthinking everything. Every single decision that I was to make; Is this going to work out? Am I going to mess this up? The truth is, you don’t know. Decision making is like working out. It is like building muscle. The more decisions you make, the stronger you are going to get. It is just about taking action. The key is to continue to make decisions. You are going to make mistakes. I have failed more than all of you on Periscope right now. I have come to become comfortable with making decisions. Ok, so I went left, I should have gone right. I will go right next time. At the end of the day, you have to make decisions. If you don’t, you’ll reach a fork in the road and you won’t be able to make a decision. Nothing good can happen if you don’t make a decision. You have to choose one of them. Decision making is just like building muscle. You have to do more to get better at it.

Why is this important in business? In business, you have to make decisions in order to grow. Your staff wants to see you make decisions because they want to have confidence in their leader. They have seen me make the wrong decisions, but at times, they have seen me make the right decision. My staff is confident that no matter what, we are eventually going to get where we want to be. As a Physical Therapist, I am making decisions for my patients every day. There are so many Physical Therapists out there who struggle with doubting themselves. It unfortunately comes across to their patients. It causes them to lose confidence in their therapist and how they will direct their care. Today I will have seven or eight new consults. I am very strong in my decision making and treatment plan for my patients. I tell them what we are going to do and how we will get it completed. I am so confident with my decisions and quick to make them that it builds confidence and repo ire with the patients. The lesson today is to just start making decisions. Just make them. It doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong. Just make them so you can build that muscle. This will help you in so many areas of your life. People want to see confidence. It is ok if you are wrong. Keep on doing it. You will get stronger at making decisions and not be stuck in fear.