People always say, “Greg, how do you speak every single day? Aren’t you going out of content?” I am like, “Well, am I going to run out of experiences? No.” I am doing this everyday. I am always learning every single day. I think the thing most of you don’t realize is that I am learning at a ten times higher rate than the majority of you. In the field of physical therapy, they require us to have 24 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) that’s continuing education hours every two years. If you could calculate it, that is one continuing education hour per month.

My first year, I did an hundred and eighty. Every single day, I put in at least thirty minutes of personal development even if my day gets away from me. I am listening to audio books. I am reading a book. I am listening to something thirty minutes a day. I know that is the minimum because I am always in my car whether I am going to the office and treating patients or I am going to my office and to have meetings with my staff. Or I am just going to pick up chicken fillet for the family or I am going anywhere. I only have personal development on my car, I am always learning. The deal is that is the minimum – doing only thirty minutes a day – maximum when I am on my game, three hours a day.

Warren Buffett said that one piece of advice that he can give anybody is to invest in yourself over real estate, over your physical therapy clinics, over anything else. Double down on yourself. If I am going on one, I am doubling down on myself.  You can’t lose. Because if you are better, things around you are going to get better. You are going to attract different people; you are going to be a viable commodity instead of a liability to people. You are going to bring energy to people. Yesterday, I got two calls from these separate companies that found me on LinkedIn saying that they found my YouTube videos and they want to talk to me about a webinar to their companies because I have invested in myself. All I am doing is investing in myself constantly and I am sharing it with people.

If the standard of physical therapy is every month we want you to invest one hour to becoming better, I say do ten; do fifteen, take it to that next level. You want to get where I am at? Start working on yourself more. Personal development is not just in business, it’s not in being a douchebag anymore; it’s everything. You want to become a better leader, start working on learning how to become a leader. You want to become better with learning how to educate your patients, learn how to do that. I did that for my students yesterday. I brought them in the room, I did this mock evaluation, show them how exactly I do the evaluation with my patients. They are learning – constantly in a learning mode. As soon as I finish this broadcast; as soon as I am finished speaking to you in YouTube and Periscope, then guess what I am going to do? I am going right into my computer, I am going to do a payroll and when I do payroll, I am turning on my lessons and my marketing academy that I am doing right now. I am constantly learning. I will never run out of content because I am always learning. Once you think you will get run out of content, that means you think you are a know it all. I am not a know it all; I got so much more to learn. The same thing that you might have heard three years ago, today you might be in a different mindset. You have had three years of experiences, good and bad. That same thing that just blew up your head – now you are like, “wow, that’s what they mean.” Constant state of learning, constant state of evolving, raise the standards – I am not average, you are not average. Raise your standards, start investing in yourself – it’s the best thing that you can invest in.


When I was in middle school, I was just an average student. Bs, Cs, few As – those were just my standards. I worked at TJ Max while I was going to college but I decided to raise my standards. My first semester, I got straight A’s. My standards just changed. I didn’t get smarter.

My daughter today, she has an award ceremony at her school. She’s at seventh grade. She was devastated last quarter because she got her first B in four years. Her standards are just different. I was asking her yesterday how was the end of the year going and she is like, “I got all A’s but I am a little concern about two classes.” She is like seriously concerned. I am like, “okay”. It’s just her standards are high. If you have a standards of “Okay I am going to do 24 CEUs every two years.” you just have low standards based on what the field of physical therapy has laid out for you. Step your game up and have higher standards for yourself. Why? Because you are worth it. Whether you believe it or not, I am telling you you’re worth it.