Everyday is a motivation. But let’s talk about how do you stay motivated. Let me tell you how to stay motivated. You got to keep your circle tight. Last night, I went into all of my different groups and I had everybody introduce themselves. As you guys know, for those of you who don’t know me. I have just created six online courses for physical therapist on how I have been able to catapult my career. I’ve been a PT for sixteen years. And I have created these courses. The truth of the matter is this. Do you want to know how you stay motivated? You got to keep your circle tight. I’m just going to be honest with you, it’s been sixteen years since I have been a PT. From 2004 to 2014, my circle was so tight. You want to know how many physical therapist were in my circle during that time? Two. One was my partner that works at the other clinic because we share money. And number two was another physical therapist that worked with me that actually removed from my circle. I kept my circle tight. Tomorrow I am flying out to Seattle. To go speak at another conference. This is now the fifth conference that I spoken out this year and I am going to tell you right now once I speak on Wednesday, I’m going to ask you the same question I ask everytime: How do you know these things? Where did you find out how to do all these things? How do you know how to do these stuffs with Facebook? And how to do these stuffs with all of these strategies. How do you make with all these money with things that you’re doing? How? Which therapist taught you? None.


You want to know what the key was? For me, the key was not being around other therapist. I didn’t have nobody telling me I couldn’t do it. I didn’t have anybody telling me I couldn’t do it. Because when I was getting ready to start my own practice, I am four years out of school. I had all these people that I was working with telling me, “you can’t do that.” “you can’t open up your own practice.” “you’re 26. You can’t open up your own practice.” “you realize you’re black and you’re in a white area. You can’t open up your own practice.” “you got a pregnant wife. You can’t open up your own practice.”


Bounce, you’re out. I got to get you out. I can’t deal with you right now. One of the big things that you can do is to keep your circle tight. I don’t have a massive connected circle of physical therapist until now. And most of them are people that are in my groups. They’re in my private groups. Every single time, I am doing another Podcast interview. Did one last night. I’m going to do one this week when I am in Seattle. I’m going to get an interview in the event that I am speaking at. They’re going to aske me, “who are your mentors in PT?” I tell them the same answer every single time, “Nobody.” my mentors are in YouTube. That’s why I am so big on coming on this different mediums and doing it because when you want something, you’re going to find the people. I didn’t find them in PT straight up. Ain’t nobody there was my mentor. Straight up. YouTube was my mentor. Amazon was my mentor. My wife was my mentor. You got to keep your circle tight people. People think that in my courses, the best thing that they’re going to get is knowledge from me. No. You know what’s the best thing that they’re going to get? It’s they’re going to get this inner connected circle of people that are trying to do great things. That’s got to be the key. Because I got to tell you. My journey to where I’m at right now is lonely. It was lonely. I didn’t had no physical therapist. And that’s what I want from people. So stay motivated, keep your circle tight. People try to take away your dreams, get them the hell out – quickly. Because they will mess you up. You don’t have to be disrespectful now. But you got to bounce. Like, “Greg, do you want to go happy hour?” I say, “No, I can’t. I got to go home.” where they at now. “Hey do you want to go with me to bahamas?” “No, I got to go to work.”

You got to be okay. Not everybody is going to ride with you. It’s okay. You don’t need to be angry about it. You just got to do your thing. That’s why it’s important. I don’t want people to just blow through the beginning of the course because if you don’t know your “why”; if you don’t know why you are doing it. Because the truth is, is that you’re going to lose people along the way. That’s just part of it. You’re going to lose people along the way because not everybody is about that action. They don’t want to do anything that makes them uncomfortable. They don’t want to do anything for the long term. They just want to do short term. You cannot be always around them constantly and then you are doing your thing. You just got to get rid of them.