Today, I want to talk about how you get influence. This is how you create influence. This one tip: It is called reciprocation. Let me give you guys three stories. Reciprocation.

There is this young handsome fellow named, Sprinter32304. This guy starts following me on Periscope, maybe two to three months ago. Solely invested, trust me, I know who’s on my scopes and who’s not on my scopes. I don’t check everyday but when I go in, I go in. I know who’s on my scopes and who’s not. I know who’s participating and who’s not. Sprinter did, whether he knew it or not, it’s called reciprocation. He basically showed me, like I don’t need money or funds from him. But when I’m on here, I’m trying to give knowledge to people and the one’s who are willing to listen, then that’s good. Because then if they need more, I’m willing to give them more. So, here’s how it works. Dude comes on every single day. And finally got to the point where he reached out to me via email. Asked if I will be willing to speak with him. Usually, if it’s anybody else that I have never spoken to, you’re not setting up a meeting with me unless you drop $250. That’s it, that’s just the way it works. Okay, it’s my time. I value my time right now. And that is the lowest amount. I set up meeting with the guy and we spoke not on a Wednesday, we spoke on a Saturday. Why? Because reciprocation. He already invested in me. So we spoke about an hour and a half – two hours. And then he just continued to follow me on Periscope. Continued to interact with me on Periscope. My course went live, dude bought it, in four minutes. Again, reciprocation. He is supporting me. The first twenty people that bought my course, I gave them an hour of coaching with me. He took in a step further, drove down from Georgia to Tampa. Did I give him hour? No. I gave him six. He spent basically, the majority of the day at my clinic. And we went over with everything. Everything. You guys see what’s happening here? These are things reciprocating. Reciprocation.

Another story, I won’t give out his name. But again, he reached out. I know I seen this in my scope quite a few times. He reached out to me via Messenger. And let me show you how he started it. He said, “I am a fan of yours.” do you think that’s gonna make me feel good? If you say I am a fan of yours? And I have a question before I go into an interview or some job offer, what not. So, again, usually you’re not setting up meeting with me unless you drop coin. But he reciprocated. He gave me a compliment. I know he is already invested in me. I gave him this private link that I have that I set up little fifteen minute things and I am not giving it out today. And so it was a fifteen minute appointment. The type of dude that I am – I don’t really do fifteen minute appointments. When I am talking with you, I am invested in you. And that fifteen minute appointment turned out to forty five minutes. He reciprocated to me, I gave back to him through that appointment. He saw, okay this guy gave me something that he didn’t have to do. He then bought my course, we’re just reciprocating back and forth.

You guys, go to Starbucks. There’s a time at my local Starbucks where it went for two hours. The person in front bought the other person in the back. They don’t know who they were but bought them their coffee. One time, it went for two hours because when you do something for someone it makes them want to do something for you back. So if you want to start creating influence, just do something for someone. Do something first.

Okay, I want to give you the flip side of that story. I get emails all day whether they’re from YouTube – notifications from YouTube who keeps me asking questions. People looking for jobs. Some dude apparently emailed me but I don’t check them all the time. In order to hustle and do what I need to do, I’m not locked-in to my email all day. Anyways, some guy is looking for a job. And he basically sends me an email. And he comes into my office last Monday. And says, “I have an interview with Greg” and my office is calling me, “Greg, do you have an interview with this guy?” and I was like, “I don’t know what you are talking about. I have no interview with anybody.” So, right there he already played himself. That is crazy. You can’t do that. Anyways, that’s not good. He didn’t invest in me, he didn’t do anything. You can’t just come into my office and create an interview. So the dude is coming over and over again and wants a job as a PTA. And I am like, “that does not how it works.” Finally, he called again yesterday. I said, “okay. Have him come in at 9 o’clock.” and as you can guys see it’s 7 o’clock and I am just taking my own good old sweet time. Because I am going to work out, I am going to have breakfast, I am going to stroll to the office around 9:45. I am just gonna stroll in because he played himself. He didn’t reciprocate to me. He didn’t invest in me. He didn’t respect my time. Those are things that you could do the right way. You don’t have any influence. You don’t have any hook-ups. Why don’t you just reach out to people that you want to emulate. Do something nice to them first. Say something nice. “Hey, I am a fan of yours.” “hey, I have been watching your stuffs on YouTube.” “I really respect the way that you do with X, Y, and Z.” Do the same things to the professors. “Hey, I love your work.” “I love how you teach.” “can you do this or could you help me out with this?” Start with that first before you go in and begging for something. Reciprocation. The art of reciprocation. Do it for patients. You see a patient for the first time, give them a compliment. You want to know the physician in Tampa that has the best reputation? This guy, I don’t care if he does a great surgery or bad surgery. He has the best reputation in Tampa. You want to know what he does? He is known to hug every single patient the minute he goes to the office. This guy, you can’t get in to see him because he hugs everybody. It’s reciprocation. I am not saying you have to do that. But do something. You want to create influence. You want to create that first great impression. Do something and people will automatically promote you – because people are people. There you go guys, reciprocation. That’s huge.


People will promote you if you just take care of them first. I love being able to give people that can’t give me back. It is totally exploded the way that I do things in the office. Presentations are so much better. Nothing can throw me off. If my mic goes down in my presentation in Seattle, how bad can that be? I could just wrap it. So, if you want to get good at your game, get on LIVE stream. It pushes you, you can’t turn back. It’s like getting off a cliff. Like you are already in the air.


LIVE stream is the way to go. I am doing this for a long time, as in like speaking. I kinda have an idea of what I want to say in the morning. And honestly all what I am doing everyday is what have happened in my life in the last 24 hours. That’s really what I decide to talk on. You learn so many things everyday. The deal is this, to get a patient, to get a new person to know, like and trust you, you know how long it takes? Do you know how long it takes for someone to come into physical therapy and actually trust you? To exchange money with you? It is a massive investment in people. Usually when you are doing that through email, through going to a doctor’s office, or whatever. It takes a long time. LIVE video shows people exactly who you are. If you guys got an email from me, the transcription of everything that I just said. Would it be as powerful as you seeing me in my home. You see me in my game room. It is so easy to get people Like and Trust. LIVE video has allowed people to know, like and trust me so much quicker.

LIVE video with having a Facebook business page – my regular business page (Physical Therapy Business page) has 600 fans which is pretty good for a physical therapy page. These are people that know us and we see each other like three times a week. My Physical Therapy Builder page that I have been doing LIVE video on, I have as of this morning 640 Likes in three weeks. Because people know me. Know, Like, and Trust. That’s the key.

Pretend you are the boss when you are in there. And you have confidence on those questions. Go through it. Don’t fly by it. You take every time you need. You got it.