I want to talk to you today about how to become hater proof. Someone may have very few friends and followers on Facebook or people who have thousands of followers on Facebook or Instagram post something. It could be funny, inspirational, something about their life or what they are promoting. 50 people compliment them and just one person, just one, gives them a little back talk. And they just lose it!

Those people are not hater proof.

I am going to tell you how I became hater proof. You have to invest in yourself. You have to think so highly of yourself that no one else can bother you. And you have to understand what you are dealing with, with people. Hurt people, hurt people. Does that make sense? Right now in my life, if I see a young guy, or a young girl or an older guy or an older girl having a great life, a great family, that for me is so gratifying to see. I know that person must have put in hard work and dedication. hater proofIf I see there is someone out there living a life of regret, not happy with the decisions they made and they see someone else who has made the decisions they wished they had made, you make them uncomfortable. Whether that is with health and fitness, financial situations, even your career, you make them uncomfortable. It is not that they have it out for you, but that they have regret for what they haven’t done. You guys have to understand this. I can’t get involved if you don’t dig me. That ain’t my problem, that is your problem. You can’t worry about that. So what do I do? I exercise. I build more confidence in myself. I spend a lot of time in personal development. I spend a lot of time in things that tell me how great I am. I walk around telling myself how great I am. I usually perform 12-13 evaluations daily. I walk out of there and say to myself, wow, that is one of the best Physical Therapy evaluations I have ever done! And then I say it an hour later. Oh my gosh, I just topped that one! That was amazing! I have trained myself to think so highly of Greg Todd. You might think that is crazy. I say that is better than those people that are constantly talking negative self-talk about how ugly they are or that they are not beautiful. I have so much self-confidence I can rock super hero shirts, short shorts, long shorts, high tops, I can rock low tops. I can do whatever I want! It is how I feel about me! And that is becoming Hater proof. You have to invest in yourself, if you are going to become hater proof. You can have the greatest thing happen to you and all it is going to take is that one person to hurt you and you are done. You need to invest in yourself. Constantly, over and over again. If you do that, you will slowly train your subconscious to think you are amazing.