Do you value yourself?

There was this one time in Doctor of Physical Therapy, a group that I follow, someone asked this question, “If I have health insurance, why would I go to a cash based physical therapist when I am already paying for my health insurance? I am paying 200, 300, 500 – like in my case, a guy with a household of six, I am paying like twelve hundred dollars a month. Why would I go to someone that is a cash based physical therapist instead of just going to the therapist that take my insurance?” I commented on it and the answer is “value”.

Whatever it is that you do – I don’t care if you are a to-be physical therapist, a hairdresser, if you work at Starbucks, if you work at Gamestop – people pay for perceived value. I don’t care what your economical situation is right now, whatever it is you pay for whatever you believe is of perceived value. Some people think that’s time. Some people think that is experience from Clinicient. Some people believe that that is expertise. It’s whatever that person perceives as valuable.

I took my son to the Eastern Conference Finals Playoff Hockey game here in Tampa. There was the Tampa Bay Lightning vs the Pittsburgh Penguins. I had an option, number one – it’s going to be on my TV at home. We could have just sat on our chairs and watch the game. That would have cost me zero. Option number two – I was given upper deck seats that were about a hundred and forty dollars each. There are two seats, upper deck, I could have paid that. And option number three was this nice lower deck seats about ten rows up that was two hundred and twenty five dollars a ticket. All three options I am basically watching the same game. I took option number three.

It is because for me, I don’t go to hockey games; I don’t have season tickets to hockey. I wanted to give my ten year old and myself the most amazing experience possible. I was willing because I found that valuable with that particular game. I was willing to spend $450 for us to go to the game and we got that experience – we didn’t win – but we still got that amazing experience because that was I found valuable. You have to understand that people will pay.

I have a friend of mine, he has four physical therapy practices that are privately based – cash only in the UK. In England, it’s socialized medicine. They can get free physical therapy right across the street. But he does well because he caters the people that find perceived value in the experience, in quality, in someone that is paying a lot attention to them. There’s plenty of people that wanted to have me on-call, to be able to text me whenever they need to, to be able to ask me questions and I can answer – people will pay for that. It’s what you find valuable. When I was running my first major marathon and I had an injury, I spent four months training for it. I was not going to let a stupid injury make me not run the marathon. So if I am you and there was a physical therapist or someone that can help me so that I could get to the starting line at the Disney Marathon and finish the race and they charge me a hundred and fifty dollars, even though I didn’t have as much money as what I might have today, I found that valuable because that race was so important to me – I will pay for it.

That’s how it works whether you like it or not. Whatever you offer today or whatever you are thinking offering – do you even value yourself enough to offer something to someone? That is a big deal.

I spend a lot of money trying to make myself better. I spend a lot of money on personal development. I spend a lot of money on making Greg Todd better. Greg Todd’s version 1.0 – that was many years ago. I move from 1.0 to 1.5, then I move to version 2.0 then I move to version 2.5. I am like version 5.5 now. I am trying to upgrade Greg Todd all the time. What you see today, next year it’s going to be an upgraded version. I am going to be bigger, faster, stronger, more eloquent, more energy, because I am constantly upgrading myself. Because I place value with that. I pay for that; I pay to get better. I don’t have a problem with then putting that on my clients because they are getting a better version of me. I don’t have a problem with bringing up my consulting raise when I get better. I don’t have a problem with bringing up my rates at my office when I have trained my people even better because I value myself.


I didn’t always value myself though. I used to be a dude always looking for free stuff, “let me see if I could find it for free. Let me see if I could find it here on YouTube. Let’s see if I could find it here on Google. Let’s see if I can piece it all together.” Back then I didn’t really value my time. Truthfully, I wasn’t willing to pay to get information together for me. But now, I value my time; my time is extremely valuable. If I know somebody has put it together, I will pay 500 dollars for it, I will pay a grand for it, I will pay two grand for it – because I value my time. It’s not just that I have more money – it’s that I value those things. I was spending money five, six, seven years ago – it was just on other things that I have more value in. I don’t have a lot perceived value in going at the bar so you will never see me go and throw it on fifty dollars at a bar drinking beers because I don’t find that valuable. You have to make sure that with nothing else, I don’t care what you do for a living – you have to make sure you find yourself valuable. And if you don’t currently, that’s a problem but there is a solution – and that is to invest in yourself. And that’s I want you to do today.

Money makes a lot things easier. Money makes you more of what you already are. I am a giving person, so as I got more money I just given more. It’s true. It’s just a tool. When I didn’t have money; when I didn’t have the money that is coming to my clinics now, I wasn’t able to bless community events, gatherings – but we do a lot more now. Somebody comes in they say, “Greg, would you sponsor my kids baseball team?” Now, one time a quarter, we sponsor a community – kids team. I couldn’t do that before. But I have been a giving person for a long time so I am just able to give more now. If I have more money, I can give more. Ten years ago I could probably get five. Money makes you more of what you already are. It doesn’t really buy you happiness, it just makes you more of what you already are.

You can help without money. Some people are blessed with time, with kindness. Right now, my life is really busy and that I have a lot of responsibilities but I do have financial resources that I can bless with. Maybe when I am sixty, I can be part of organizations and help more with the homeless. Things change for you throughout time but what you need to learn from now is to give what you have. Whatever it is that you have, whether it’s time, whether it’s money, whether it’s benevolence, whatever you have you have to learn how to give it because you can’t get more in unless you let it out. Whatever it is that you have right now, just value yourself.