I have figured out why people don’t act. Why is it that people know that they need to do something but they won’t act. I put a post in a group about what do physical therapist needed help with and many people of the group said they need help with business/entrepreneurship, they need help with how to market themselves, they need help with insurance, they need help how to explain with patients. You know what their biggest problem is? Most people don’t believe in themselves. Most people have no confidence. Most people feel as though to pay 500 dollars for a course. It’s not that they don’t believe that I know the goods, of course they know I know the goods, but they don’t have enough belief that even if they knew everything that they can’t actually execute it and it paralyses them. They would just like, “if you give it to me for free, then at least I can just say that I kind of know it but I don’t really have to act on it.” that’s the problem. It has nothing to do with me, it’s just has to do with your belief.

Eileen created a course in seven days. She created a course called the iPhone Camera Academy – How To Create a Nice Video Using the Camera Phone. Her course is 1995. She created the course from start to finish in seven days. She comes on Periscope and for seven days she talks about things about cameras. She releases her course at 25 viewers at that time on Periscope. And then after the replay she got another thirty – 55 total viewers. In seven days she made 3000 dollars from a 1995 course on how to use the camera on your iPhone.

But what’s the difference with you and Eileen? Eileen fought through her doubts. Eileen said, “I didn’t know if anyone would buy it.” the same doubts that you have. Every seminar that I went through, I still get nervous with sweat in my underarms. I still got doubts; I still breathing heavy. The same things that you are dealing with, I still deal with. Sixteen years in, a million dollar company, I am still dealing with it. But I fight through it. You have to learn how to fight through it, or you are going to your grave with your gifts never been used. You will go to your grave with so much regret. You are dead anyway, but as you are dying, you are going to have so much regret because you have gifts and couldn’t get out of your own way. I still struggle with it. I am going to speak in Vegas, I will be scared again. I am going to be nervous, “No, they don’t want to hear this. But I am going on that stage anyways and I am going to murder it again but before I murder on stage I am going to be scared. I am going to be nervous and have doubts. What if somebody is going to say something bad and give me a bad review. Every time I put a post up in a DPT student group, I get nervous. Not that I couldn’t help a thousand people but there might be one rogue that throws me off. I am still nervous till this day. I still get butterflies. You all have gifts but so selfish. Stop being selfish.