Evolving and Changing Yourself. Are you constantly evolving yourself? Are contantly changing? As you know from my periscope yesterday, I talked to you guys about the talk that I did over the weekend and here is something that I saw from my field which is being a physical therapist and an owner of practices. This was physical therapist in the entire United States.  I saw a lot of physical therapist that have been in the game for 20 30 or 35 years and 10 or 15 ears ago they are I top of the game and I see these physical therapists at the bottom. I see people like myself the young bucks r the younger than most of the people in the room that were all way down here that are now at the top of their game. You want to know what happen? Those people never change. They got stagnant. They did the same thing that they have been doing forever that worked but now the same stuff doesn’t work anymore.

One thing that I heard at the conference was about the Block Buster Video. Block Buster Video used to be killing the game with regards to renting movies. I used to go to Block Buster, used to get your movie, if you couldn’t find your movie you rent another movie, you go home watch the movie. A day later you return the movie and if you don’t return the movie you’re changed 4$ more. Block Buster just thought that they didn’t have to do anything at all and they didn’t have to change their game and this little company called NETFLIX came along. Guess what? Evolving and Changing YourselfDid you see block buster anymore? It’s gone. If you are changing yourself constantly you will become extinct. That’s the reason why for me working out is so important. It is very important because if I’m not constantly pushing myself, then I’ll become stagnant in all areas of my life.

If I’m not constantly going up in weights, if I am not constantly taking myself to another level, then I get stagnant. You want to know how you become non-existent. Become stagnant. The person that is killing the game today can be completely out of the game tomorrow or by six month from now. There is a UFC fighter, Ronda Rousey, who can’t be touched. Nobody can beat her. There’s always somebody hungrier, somebody that wants it more than you and somebody came and whipped her tail. Why? Because you have to constantly be evolving. You have to be constantly be changing. And if you don’t, else somebody is waiting alive for you. Push yourself. Take yourself to the limits. Don’t do the same thing over and over again. Contently evolve. Contently change. Constantly push yourself because if you do the same thing over and over again, you’ll going to be stagnant and you’ll going to be extinct.