Everyday you need to do what you love, you got to love what you do. You don’t always have to live with money. I understand that we need money to live. I understand that we need money to survive. But you gotta do what you love. You have to do what you love.

I usually had meetings and consultations scheduled: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. And it’s really cool because I’m usually able to block out two to three hours to spend with my family, my wife, whatever. And then I do consulting either in the morning or in the afternoon or sometimes, if it is really crazy, both. Specially since I am leaving to Seattle that week, I want to make sure I spend some quality time with my wife. We went out to lunch, had some good times. But in the morning, I did some consulting. And two other companies that were talking to me said, “We love your passion.” and they said, “How do you get that?” and I said, “Because I love what I do when I do what I love.”, “I don’t live with money.” Listen, coming on YouTube, I don’t get paid. Coming on Periscope, I don’t get paid. But I love it! When I’m in the office, I don’t reimburse anymore from blue cross. When I bring up my iPad, and the passion comes out, and I go on to complete anatomy and I start showing the page, “just look, this is what is going on with you. Like, isn’t that crazy? You know, like this was going on.” and they see the passion. I love physical therapy. I love it. I love it because I know what it can do for people. I love it because I know that it is the best option for musculoskeletal conditions. I know what surgery can do for people and what it has done. I always want for them to exhaust on all the possibilities before they undergo something that they really don’t know what they are getting themselves into. So I know that a lot of times they just need someone to explain what the hell is going on with them. And if someone just explained it right, then they can be like, “ohh, I get it.” But most people, not everybody takes the time. And they see that I am passionate about, I love it because I know what life changing impact it can have. I know that whether like, when my YouTube channel used to have 2 views and that one view is me and the other view was my son, or my momma. It didn’t matter because I knew that what I was saying was something that someone needed to hear. And then like, five or six months later, in my email it said, “Greg, you received a comment from YouTube.” and with some girl or some young boy say, “thank you so much for saying what you said. That actually helped me make a decision.” You see, it doesn’t always matter, like it doesn’t always have to be, “well I don’t have a channel of 500 people or 800 people or a thousand people like you do, Greg.” It’s like, “no man, if you love what you do, it shouldn’t matter. Because it’s just about making a life-changing impact one person at a time.” That’s all is about. My grandparents went through a lot of stuff just like yours did – to get us to the point where.. I got my phone, and I am looking at my phone and I got people that I am talking to in Europe – LIVE – in my house. If you show your passion, whatever it is that you do. Your ability to influence people has never been easier. It is never been easier and more impactful. Today, you could start with zero followers, zero friends, zero patients, and you can make an impact today.


That’s got to be exciting for all of you. It’s got to be exciting. Do what you love, love what you do – and you will never work a day in your life.

“I know you’re gonna be fine.” and that’s all that she needed to hear. We’ll find out next week. It’s nervous but thank you so much. That girl has a major ride or die crew. It’ll matter what happens, she already know. She’s always gonna be with us. Don’t worry, you’re gonna be good. She got drive, she got passion, she get always make coin. Because she always lives with drive and passion. She’s been with me for seven and a half years. And let me tell you something, you guys thinks you get it rough – I trained that girl to be like me. She’s had to go through everything. All of my changes, she see my health stuff, she had been ride or die with me. That’s the reason why the minute she got her license, she basically has got to have a piece of renewal rehab – first day. Because she deserved it. She earned it. And that’s why I know you all can do it. You just gotta love what you do. That’s all it is. You just gotta love what you do. You gotta breath it. Breath it.

I might not get paid to come on here but this is a privilege. It is a privilege to talk to you guys every single day. Do not take technology for granted. It is a privilege to be able to speak life into people. Because not everyday everybody’s feeling all hyped. And someone’s going to listen to this today and say, “This guy just amped me up. This guy just helped me. He helped me do something I was gonna do.” It is a privilege. This is a privilege. This is not about making a point. This is a privilege. This is a total privilege. You don’t understand sometimes when you were younger, when you go through some. When you go through some stuff. And you realize every single time I have the opportunity to speak to someone – to mentor someone – to work with someone. It’s all a privilege. And technology is all just a gift. This is just a gift. I just am using my gift.