There are no shortcuts. There is no overnight success. There isn’t. Now, you might have breakthroughs, but there is no overnight success. Let me explain why is it important.

I have been doing Facebook ads for my company for about a year and a half. Worked great. Been fantastic. But I know up to recently, I got an access in an interview with Therapy Insiders. They did an interview with me Tuesday night. And they are like, “all we see is you Facebook ads about “Six Ways to Six Figures”.” I purposely have not been in the PT game dealing with PTs throughout my career. I’d like you to go to our Facebook Page and you’ll see that I just put up a video with me and my partner at the clinic blabbing coming up with a brand new Fitness Program that we’re going to launch this Summer. I said, “hey, let’s just go LIVE real quick and let’s talk in a video” and you can see from here that we have been doing these stuff for twelve years. We have been laughing for twelve years. We’ve been grinding for twelve years. It doesn’t matter how successful we get. We’re still always constantly learning, constantly changing, constantly evolving all the time. It’s consistency. So now when people see my Facebook ad, and they went like, “who is this guy saying “Six Ways to Six Figures”? Let me go see if I can check him out. The cool thing is you can go to my Physical Therapy Builder page, go to You can go to my personal Facebook page “Gregg Todd” and you could go back month after month , year after year, to when I started Facebook in 2009. And you can see that I am consistent. I’ve been saying the same message for nine years. Ten years doing the same thing over and over again. You know what that does? That gives me instant credibility. It’s almost like you’ve known me for 8-9-10 years in less than five minutes.


As you start building your brand. As you start building your reputation. Don’t worry that you don’t have a hundred followers. Or two thousand friends on Facebook. Or fifteen hundred followers on Instagram. Or nine hundred subscribers or a thousand subscribers in YouTube. You don’t worry about that. What you want is when you pop. Can people see, “is that the second video that you just did?” or “is that your thirty second video that you did?”. Which one is it? Because if it’s your second video, that means this guy is starting. You have to understand that in the beginning you to plant the seeds. In the beginning, it’s all about laying out the soil. It’s all about doing over and over again and you’re not gonna getting any love.


I think I have done 168 broadcast. I have had at least ten days words with “zero”. And I am just here talking to myself like, “Yes!”. Because I know, I just believed. Somebody’s gonna see this. Somebody’s gonna want this. There’s gotta be somebody out there that needs a little jolt of energy. So even when I had zero and I could just have stayed on Facebook, and I could have just done my thing. But no, I knew that people needed this. I needed to build credibility anyway. So when somebody come on Periscope and they see me and when they go to YouTube and say, “wow, that makes sense.” You know the first thing that they want to see? Is he a fraud. And then they’ll go and they check me out. And on YouTube they will see, “wow, those got over 300 videos?” And on Periscope they can see, “crap, this one has over 165 broadcast?” Or they can go on Facebook and they see, “crap, he’s got over 250 videos?” That’s what I want you guys to do. Keep consistent. Keep consistent even nobody is following. Just keep consistent. You owe it to yourself.


The first step is taking the first step. Yes, that is so true guys. You just gotta take that first step. Then once you take it, you gotta keep on going step over step. You gotta build the momentum. You gotta build the consistency. It’s hard to be consistent. That is a habit. You either have a habit of being an inconsistent person – that’s always quitting. Or you have a habit of being consistent. And all you want to do is to create that habit – being consistent. But you can’t get obsessed with like, “oh my nobody is listening” You can’t worry about that. You owe it to yourself to be consistent.

The first two companies that I started consulting for, it’s two completely different stories. The first one that I consulted for is when I first got the original iPad. And they have this cool medial app. But there are stuffs on it that was wrong and I went to contact the developers (way back 2009) I basically contacted the company and say, “hey, you have some stuffs wrong here. Your app is amazing but some of the stuffs are wrong.” And they responded back saying, “who are you?”. I said, “I am a physical therapist located in the Tampa Bay area. I love your app but you guys have to fix some of these things because I am showing these to patients.” So they called me and we started talking and they liked my vibe and they said, “hey, we are working on a new project, something that you would be interested in.” Their company is in Dublin, Ireland and I say, “I can’t come to Ireland, sir. But just give me the info on it.” Basically, that’s how they found me. I end up doing all the – every single muscle in the body – I know because I’m a physical therapist. It took me about four weeks. And that was my first real consulting gig. And after that there was a private practice company that I was affiliated with. And they gave me the opportunity to speak and she told me, “I’ll give you one opportunity. If you suck, I am not asking you to come back. But if you’re good, I’ll have you go to three more seminars.” I did my first one, I nailed it. She asked me to go to three more seminars and then my name just started to get around the place. Then I started getting consulting gigs from private practice owners. Back in those days, I was just building my company through my blog and through my website. And that was totally different from what everybody is doing. And now, I got a lot of gigs because of social media. Like, a lot from social media. You can look and see that I have lot and tons of credibility. How many PTs are good going live? Everybody thinks that I am watering down PT but I am not. This is where it’s at. The first person these companies will call to is me. Because they know that I can communicate well. They know that I can simplify things well. They know I am a good teacher. And they know that I don’t have problem talking to masses of people. So that’s why they come to me. It’s just that now, I can only affiliate myself with one company. I can’t be working with all of these companies and they show me their business strategies and their quarterly things that they’re trying to do. And then I go over to another company and it makes it very difficult. I know there is massive opportunities for you guys. You just have to get good at it first. Don’t ask any company to consult for you and you can’t explain things and you are scared in front of the camera. Or you are scared to talk business. You may get good money. My first consulting gig, I made $5,000. I was crazy. I did the project over a period of time but a five grand was my first one. You guys have to get good on those areas. In PT, they don’t really train you to get good at those areas. Life after plain PT, he’s already a step ahead of everybody because he’s doing stuffs like these constantly. So going to perfect his craft. So, he’s probably one of the frontrunners of the new therapists to get consulting gigs when his time comes.

When I am talking to a company, they hear my passion about PT. They hear my story. You can go on my site and see I am always loving my patients. I’m loving all my patients. That’s why it is important. I feel a lot for you guys because you guys have environments that you’re working in where you’re with other passionate PTs, that’s why I’m trying to make a community of it. Because that’s how companies should be like, “okay, I want to work with you. I want to work with this guy. I want this guy to endorse my stuff. Let me see if I can get him believe in my stuff and that’s the type of guy who is in the field” Do you want to know why my talk was rated the highest? My talk resonates because I’m a PT. I’m you. Garry can’t do that. He might have passion. He might have this, he might have that. But I can talk your story. The companies are looking for someone that can identify what the people are trying to hit but that loves their stuff and great communication skills.

The biggest thing that you could do for yourself is get good at communicating with people. Get good at LIVE streaming. Listen, this is what I want you guys to do. I know LIVE streaming could seem petrifying, like really scary. If it makes you feel better, when you do your first live stream, just put @gregtoddpt. I’ll listen to it. The first five people that do a LIVE stream, have guts to do LIVE stream – aim your title, you put @gregtoddpt it will notify me either myself or my assistant will then look at it and we will actually share it on your behalf. So, we’ll share it. The first five people that do it, we’ll share to all of my followers. I just want to encourage you guys to do that.

Listen, I don’t think people are necessarily looking for dudes like me. I’ve been doing it for a long time. I listen to people. When I was doing LIVE stream, I just want real authentic people. I don’t want people to mess up. It’s okay. That’s why LIVE is so important.

The quickest way to grow your clientele is to use social media. The tool to use in social media is you. I want to see you, with your camera, with the tripod, in your salon, with passion about what you have going on. Show people what you have going on. You might have a one client yet. But you gotta show them your vision. Why would you even open up a salon if you don’t have vision? I know you got vision. You gotta let people know. And you know what is so cool? You can take that one video, you could put it in your Facebook Business Page, and you could push that to exactly who your ideal clientele is. Facebook allows you to do that. Is is a white, black, asian, hispanic. Between age of 25 to 45, 55 to 75. That’s in to this, that. Earns this amount of money, that amount of money.

Go grab yourself a cup of coffee, sit down and say, “who’s my ideal client?” And you should be able to sit down and say these are my ideal clients. And guess what? Facebook will allow you to go right directly to that ideal client. But they want to see a video of you, not a picture, but a video. Because I can tell you right now, I’m not a chick, but when I’m going to a salon I want to go to a warm environment. Show it to me on video. You don’t need a big camera. You get your phone and do it.

Back in the day you don’t have those things, but now you have it. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be busy. If you want your video to tight and want get better but you’re still using your phone, I didn’t think you need to do that, I still look at my videos on YouTube that have fifteen, sixteen, eighteen thousand views, twenty plus thousand views. All of them are like to getto. There’s no tripod, there’s like music in the background, like my daughter has a finger over the lenses. People don’t care, people care about your message, they care about what you got to offer.