Super hero! Channel Your Inner Super hero!

Everyone is a Super Hero! We all have that special hero that is hiding within our self waiting to be recognized and this hero will never let us down because it has been and always will be in the same place within our heart helping us silently.


super hero

Every single one of you are super heroes. You guys always see me where my superman stuff or , or Flash or Batman or whatever and you know what? The truth of the matter is,


You are a super hero as well. What is a super hero? It is a person who has extraordinary talents, that are willing to use it for a greater moral cause and to protect the public. My super hero capability is being a Physical Therapist. That is all it is. What I realize is that through taking care of my body and taking care of myself and exercising I am basically helping people. Just by inspiring them. Me living out my life. You all have that talent. You all have the abilities to help others. So why can’t we be super heroes? When you are a super hero you also have villains. And that Villain can be yourself or that villain can be other people. In order for you to win against your nemesis or a villain, you’re going to have to become a bigger, better faster version of who you currently are. The only way you are going to do that is if you invest in yourself, if you become stronger, if you become more resilient. You are going to have to invest in yourself. You are just going to have to become better. You are going to have to take on those villains and win. So TODAY, be a super therapist. Be whoever you want to be. That is my message to you today.