I want to talk about the difference with being an Employee and a Business Owner. There is one big thing that you just have to come to understand. If you’re thinking, “gosh, could I own a business one day?”. “Should I be an employee?”. So, let me just explain this. I’m not gonna make this video very long. But it’s really important for people to understand what should make your decisions. Of whether or not you should be an employee for the rest of your life or you should be a business owner. Okay, so let me explain the two differences:


Alright, as an employee – right? It doesn’t matter whether you are for checkers. It don’t matter if you are from McDonalds. Don’t matter if you are a physical therapist, you’re a doctor, whatever. It doesn’t matter. If you’re an employee for the rest of your life, you are going to exchange your time for money. I go to my office – let’s just say I didn’t own the business – I go to my office, I treat a patient, I get paid either per patient or per hour. I give them my time and I get money. Okay, nothing necessarily wrong with that. For me, I didn’t want that for my whole life. I’m okay with putting in work on the front end, and not necessarily getting paid for it but on the back end now my money makes more money – for me. So I have time now. I have time to wake up at 8 o’clock and go on Periscope. And before I have five consulting calls this afternoon, take the Mrs off for breakfast, checked in with some of my staffs, do whatever. But for me, like you know – I have to consult all this afternoon. But that’s the difference. You guys understand that? Please, if you understand that, let me know. Because there is a huge difference as an employee, you will always exchange your time for money. You will always look at, okay well, like if you love what you do – fantastic. Then you don’t care. Like you don’t mind if you’re working all day or if you’re home ‘coz you love what you’re doing. That’s why I say it’s so important. But, when you are a business owner, in the beginning you’re going to work really hard and you won’t get a lot of money. In many cases, you’re gonna sometimes invest money. Many times, you don’t have to invest anything. And the world of business change so much. And where before, you would have to come up with all this money to open up the business. That’s not the truth anymore. Like, you could be right here on a live stream – whether it’s YouTube, Periscope, Facebook Live. And if you have something that you can help people with, you could put it in your Profile and say “Hey! I can help you with that.” And as long as those people trust you, they can go by their thing and you can make money and you have a business.


That’s called you give a little bit time in the beginning, but now people are going to buy whatever it is that you have and you’re gonna make money whether you are doing something for them or not because you are already putting the time. I don’t think a lot of people understand that. I don’t think a lot of people truly understand the difference with being an employee and a business-owner. And that’s the reason why for me even though I am very passionate about physical therapy, I also am very passionate about my time. I have a wife, I have four children. We have a very close family culture. Not just theirs but my staff as well. I like to spend time and invest time with all of those people. Because they are all of my family. So, I need not to be a slave to exchanging time for money. Does that makes sense? I hope it does. Because that’s what I want to let you guys know today. At some point, if you don’t want to exchange time for money, you’re gonna have to look into business ownership.

Understand the difference between and employee and a business owner. Employee –  you are going to exchange time for money for the rest of your life. A business owner – you’re going to put in a lot of time on the front end but eventually your money will just continue to make you money.


I have been a business owner from the age of twenty-seven. And I didn’t even understand that when I became a business owner. I didn’t know what I was doing. I just knew I just got to try to treat patients and be on my own schedule. But I didn’t really understand that. And I think the one thing I want to leave you guys with today is understanding that you don’t have to have some traditional – “okay I gotta have to get a $50,000 loan.” Well, you can literally open up a business today for a $150. Get license in whatever state you’re at. And you can have a business like online businesses that works at right now.