I don’t quit

I have ran four marathons, I’ve run times between 5 hours and 37 minutes. And I’ve ran one marathon as fast as 3 hours and 50 minutes. But here’s the one thing that I have never done in a marathon. I’ve never been able to run the whole way. I actually should say, “I...

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How to have Influence

Today, I want to talk about how you get influence. This is how you create influence. This one tip: It is called reciprocation. Let me give you guys three stories. Reciprocation. There is this young handsome fellow named, Sprinter32304. This guy starts following me on...

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How do you value yourself

Do you value yourself? There was this one time in Doctor of Physical Therapy, a group that I follow, someone asked this question, “If I have health insurance, why would I go to a cash based physical therapist when I am already paying for my health insurance? I am...

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Do what you love and love what you do

Everyday you need to do what you love, you got to love what you do. You don’t always have to live with money. I understand that we need money to live. I understand that we need money to survive. But you gotta do what you love. You have to do what you love. I usually...

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Action = Winning

I want to talk today about something about an email that I got. I got a message from a physical therapy student who was very appreciative of everything that I have been doing for physical therapist. In the message she said, “I can’t wait to apply all the things that...

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Becoming a Better Version of Yourself

Becoming a Better Version of Yourself. I want you to think about something. You’re probably ready this through your phone. You might have a Samsung galaxy or you might have an iPhone. You know how many version they are of an iPhone? They had iPhone 3, 3g, 4, 4s, 5,...

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Be an Answer to Someone’s Prayer

Be an Answer to Someone's Prayer. Today I want you to be the answer for someone’s prayer. I want you to be that answer to someone who is looking for solutions and the solution is you. A lot of times people think, that they don’t have the money to help somebody out and...

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Evolving and Changing Yourself

Evolving and Changing Yourself. Are you constantly evolving yourself? Are contantly changing? As you know from my periscope yesterday, I talked to you guys about the talk that I did over the weekend and here is something that I saw from my field which is being a...

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Are You a Winner or a Loser?

Are you a winner or a loser? Here’s the deal, everybody want to be around winners. Nobody wants to be around losers. I don’t mean to be disrespectful or I don’t want to sound descending but you know how other people always sounds winning and some people are always...

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Ten Years from Now

Ten Years from Now. This morning I got a message from my employee who sent me a YouTube link. Julie is someone who has worked with me for the last 7 years. She is big into inspirational and motivational stuff like me. She sent me this YouTube video about where are you...

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Living a Life of Purpose

Living a Life of Purpose. Do you wake up with purpose? When you know it’s not just about you. When other people are relying on you. That is the stuff that makes you get up in the morning. Sometimes you just don’t want to get up for yourself. Sometimes you just have to...

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It’s Fight Friday!

It's Fight Friday and my online fitness groups officially make it flex Friday, but today I think we’re going to make it Fight Friday! Do you understand that every day you don’t wake up like it’s an accident. Wake up like you have a purpose. Wake up with a fight! It's...

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Change Your Identity

Good Morning. Today I would like to talk about how to become successful. Becoming successful requires that you  change your identity. There are four steps to success. That is what I am going to talk about today. The four steps that you can change your identity are...

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