I want to talk about my number one asset as a Physical Therapist and business owner. I think it is my ability to make decisions. How hard is it if you are always doubting yourself? I always doubted myself. I was overthinking everything. Every single decision that I...

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Today I want to talk about the two things we have control over, your attitude and your effort. I have clinics here in Tampa with many people that come and volunteer. To get into Physical therapy school there is a certain criterion aside from classes that you have to...

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One piece of advice to new therapists

Something came to my mind. I’ve had a couple of meetings and I also saw someone put this in a group because I know many of you have just passed your boards; have just graduated and you’re getting ready to start your career. And I kid you not, this came up three times...

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No Need to Change Who You Are

There’s a lot of people in this world. One night, my wife’s cousin was here. I’m not going to get to her full story. She’s successful, graduated from college five-six years ago; she’s doing her thing for a company. She doesn’t really care for the company that much and...

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My Agenda

Somebody asked me one day “Dude, I followed you on social media. Are you a motivational speaker?” “Not really. I am a physical therapist.” he said, “you inspire, you motivate. You helped me out so much.” You know, there’s a lot of people that stalk and lurk on you but...

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Life-long learning

People always say, “Greg, how do you speak every single day? Aren’t you going out of content?” I am like, “Well, am I going to run out of experiences? No.” I am doing this everyday. I am always learning every single day. I think the thing most of you don’t realize is...

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