Out On A Limb V: Run For Your Life!!!!!!

Puff, pant, gasp......"Secret agent man, secret agent man....they've given you a number, and taken away your name...." Puff, pant, gasp. I hear Johnny Rivers singing into my earbuds as I desperately try to catch my breath. It was only mile three and I had six more to...

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Out On A Limb IV: Is Anyone Listening??

It was Thursday, December 3, 2015. I was rushing to rehearsal for a play I was cast in and I was late. My daughter Charley was in the back of the van squealing with delight at the fact that she was going to get to come with me (and stay up past her bedtime). I was...

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Out On A Limb: Do you dare to bare?

When patients come to see me for physical therapy, the questions can range from practical matters concerning the fit of their prosthesis to those of a more philosophical nature. One of the most common questions I hear is "Should I wear a cosmetic skin cover on my...

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Why amputee??

Why amputee? I met with an acquaintance last week for coffee (and let me just stop here and say that Buddy Brew coffee in Hyde Park makes the best iced cappuccinos!)---Stephanie has been heavily involved and dedicated to the amputee community for several years and is...

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Out On A Limb

Hi everyone! Welcome to the first official blog entry for "Out On A Limb!" A big "thank you" to my creative hubby for coming up with the name. Why "Out On A Limb?" The quick answer is that I've been a physical therapist for the past 15 years. The more complicated...

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I want to talk about my number one asset as a Physical Therapist and business owner. I think it is my ability to make decisions. How hard is it if you are always doubting yourself? I always doubted myself. I was overthinking everything. Every single decision that I...

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Today I want to talk about the two things we have control over, your attitude and your effort. I have clinics here in Tampa with many people that come and volunteer. To get into Physical therapy school there is a certain criterion aside from classes that you have to...

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