Becoming a Better Version of Yourself. I want you to think about something. You’re probably ready this through your phone. You might have a Samsung galaxy or you might have an iPhone. Becoming a Better Version of YourselfYou know how many version they are of an iPhone? They had iPhone 3, 3g, 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, and then 6s. There’s been this entire version and every single year and the apple company woks on improving their versions and if you have the first one like I have the second one and now I have the 6 plus, every single year the software upgrade has been better. Same as to Samsung and to other android devices, they all became better and we rush to the stores to get that new phone because somehow it’ll go to make our life better.

How about us? What version of you of yourself? In the age of 23 and I become a physical therapist, I was Greg 1.0. But something clicked on my head about a year and a half into our marriage saying I wanted more from myself and I actually became version 1.1. Just a while ago I was upstairs crushing my workout and I was realizing I am actually working on the new version of myself so the think to you today is what version are you currently? Are you a 1.0 right now? Are you trying to upgrade to 1.1? Are you already at 2.0? Are you comfortable at being at the2.0? Or do you want to be at 2.1? You have to push yourself to become a better version of yourself.

You’ll going to get lot more by becoming a better version of yourself than you are going out and go buy a better or newer version of your phone or your tablet.