Be an Answer to Someone's PrayerBe an Answer to Someone’s Prayer. Today I want you to be the answer for someone’s prayer. I want you to be that answer to someone who is looking for solutions and the solution is you. A lot of times people think, that they don’t have the money to help somebody out and that they don’t have the resources to help somebody out. No,  I’m going to show you because right now I’m going to be the solution to your prayer. I’m going to show you how easy it is. I want to tell you this morning. I want to tell you that you’re great. You are amazing. You have the capabilities to do everything that you currently set you sites up for.  You can’t be stopped. You just have to focus.

YOU can be an answer to someone’s prayer.

Whatever goals you want, you can achieve starting today. I want to tell you that you are resilient enough. You just have to change your mindset. You have to focus. You are created in such a special way that is completely different from anyone else. You currently have a skill set that is going to cater to thousands if not to millions of people. You just to tap in to it. Guys sometimes that’s all we need. We need words of encouragement from someone.

I don’t see anything wrong with when people form social media or friends of yours face to face say this is going on in my life. And you say I’m thinking about you. I’m going to pray for you. But there’s nothing better than having someone face to face just gives you words of encouragement. I have used social media to help. I’m not going to use it to tear down. The beauty of all these different media outlet is that you can say something nice and it can get to somebody all the way across to Europe or Africa or South America. So that is my answered prayer for you.