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safe and inspiring way

Getting back to your former self starts with having a team that takes you seriously. We are serious about your safety. We are serious about having a fun environment. We are serious about inspiring you to get the maximum results!

Seriously, this is the place you need to be.


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Renewal Rehab is an independently owned private practice that has been committed to providing high quality services to our patients since 1994. 

How we can help

Flexible Hours

At Renewal Rehabilitation, our policy is to see all new patients within 24-48 hours. We do this because we understand the quicker we can get your treatment started, the sooner you will experience relief. We offer flexible hours including morning and evening appointments.  We’re dedicated to getting you back to your pre-injury level and BEYOND.


How long does it take to succeed?

What our patients are saying…

Mike, so sorry this took me so long to do,so here it is.I had a broken kneecap,Ihad to have surgery,but with the help of mike and his wonderful staff, i was able to return to work in 3 months.Iam so thankful that they sent me there for my physical therapy.I would recommend them to any one who wants to have a wonderful experience,Ienjoy going there,They are the Best,thanks to mike and steve and amanda for pushing me if it wasnt for them,Iwould have given up.to those wonderful young ladys that work in the office,Icant say enough about them,So sweet!!!!!

Nannette Gonzalez, South Tampa Clinic

I fractured my femur almost a year ago. I came to Renewal Rehab very frightened and in pain. Because of the efforts of Mike, Claudia, Nick, and Dan, I am finished with the walker and back playing league tennis. I will continue taking therapy twice a week until they kick me out, because I see improvement every session and because I would miss the friendly and encouraging atmosphere. I could never have found a better place nor more wonderful people to help me with my recovery!

Carla Knight, South Tampa Clinic

I have had Sciatica since and Scoliosis since my early childhood. I have always been in back pain. Several doctors suggested to me physical therapy. I chose Renewal Rehabilitation because of its reputation, specifically the reputation of Michael Anastasas. His professional and personalized care has kept me out of a wheelchair. When I first began physical therapy with Michael and his team, he started me out slowly by teaching me how to exercise to strengthen my body and core muscles. I became stronger and stronger. I began to walk without dragging my right leg. I feel stronger than I have in a long time! I will always be grateful to Michael and his team for their professionalism and support in helping to improve my well being. With appreciation, Sidney Schuster

Sidney Schuster

My husband (74 yrs), my mother (95 yrs) and I (69 yrs) have been using Renewal for almost 2 years and have been helped greatly. Michael is patient, encouraging, and professional, and the other therapists (Sammie, Carly, and Nick) were and are the BEST. As with most “old-age” pains, the PT results are slow coming and require dedication by both patient and therapist–the Renewal staff makes the results achievable by their positive, professional attitudes and care.

Linda Brown