I did it!!! Brick by brick!!!Another program in the books. For me the most challenging one yet. For many reasons, I say that.. But honestly, breaking bad habits and moving away from foods that previously had a hold on me was one of the most challenging, yet empowering things I’ve ever done. 

There is a way to do this. There’s a way to finish everything that you start. 

I explain in my video, which was inspired by a young student physical therapist that tagged me in a post yesterday. It was a video of Will Smith talking about how he views success. 

Hope you enjoy it. 

For all my patients at Renewal Rehabilitation in Tampa and Wesley Chapel, this is for you as well. Successful rehab of injuries doesn’t happen overnight. It happens brick by brick!!
There’s a great message in this.. But I recorded this literally a minute after I finished the program, so I was still in celebration mode. Ha!! Hope you enjoy it!!