Give it 100% 

Give it your all. I just truly believe this. I believe that a lot of times, we just don't bring 100% effort to the majority of things that we do. "If you work hard and you do your best, you can do anything." - Erin Heatherton Always Do Your Best. Your best is going to...

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A set back is nothing but a setup for a comeback! The wisdom in these words can help lift you out of your low points in life and put you on the path to victory! I honestly did this video blog at the beginning of the week. Totally forgot to post this because it's just...

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Informed vs. Influence

Informed versus influence. So this is basically an article about the hundred most influential people in the health and fitness industry. Notice it said influential. So a few of my peers in the physical...

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No Powerball for me!

Do what you love. I'm not a Powerball person… and I'm not against anybody that plays it… It's just not something for me. Today, I heard some interesting stats. 44% of people that win the lottery are bankrupt within five years, and over 70% of people that win the...

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Burning Bridges

“Burning bridges is a waste of time. Everyone involved ends up marked in some way. Use your pent-up passion and energy to move forward, not backwards.” Do you really think that your bridge-burning, fire-breathing departure rant is going to change things? That leaders...

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